Why Good Light Therapy Devices are Expensive

Why Good Light Therapy Devices are Expensive


The twenty-first century has brought significant changes in our lifestyle. The competition has risen a lot, and the steaks are higher than ever. With the advancement of technology, trends are constantly changing around us. Keeping up with these trends seems as challenging and confusing as keeping up with the Kardashians. It has made our lives more complicated and provides us with less time for self-care.

Therefore, many people nowadays face numerous mental and physical health conditions. Yet, modern technology has also blessed us with methods to cope up with such health conditions. Light therapy is one glowing example of such technologies. With the help of light therapy, we can now easily achieve sound health and mind within a very short time.

So, if you lead a busy life, have less time for self-care, light therapy devices are a must-have item for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the varying price of light therapy devices and help you choose one which will be most effective for you. If you had a long dilemma to buy a device this article will highly help you to choose one.

Pricing of Light Therapy Devices

Recently, there is a bucketload of companies making light therapy devices. They highly vary in quality, size, application method, even in LED colors. All of these factors wedge in the pricing of light therapy devices. The therapy devices range from 30$ to more than 500$. The bigger the device, the more concentrated the LED light settings are, the more colored LED light it contains, the more expensive the devices are. If you are not too keen to purchase a device, you can book therapy sessions as well. One red light facial therapy session can cost you 25$ to 85$ depending on your condition, the devices that are used for therapy, and the experience of your therapist.

Advantages of a Good Light therapy Device

You always get what your money’s worth. The same can be said for your light therapy devices. Don’t get us wrong; all the light therapy devices can provide you with some benefits, however cheap it may be. Yet, the expensive one will ensure that you get the right benefits with less hassle. Some of the perks the expensive therapy devices hold are:

Less Time Required

The expensive light therapy devices contain denser LED light settings and the correct intensity to help you with your condition. As a result, you’ll require less time to spend in the light to get the desired benefits.

Adjustable Intensity and Distance

The devices that are a bit expensive come with an adjustable intensity regulator. If you feel like the intensity is too much for you, you can easily adjust it to your comfort level. Additionally, they are less prone to scatter around. So you can keep them to a certain distance from you and still receive the best benefits. Most cheaper devices have less LED light density, and they may be required to keep closer to receive the benefit.

Effective UV Filters

Although LED light does not contain any harmful ultraviolet rays, some devices which mostly contain blue LED lights come with UV filters to eliminate the risk. Some devices also contain protective goggles to protect the eye from any harm.

Equipped With More Colors

A good light therapy device can come with more than one colored LED light. It allows the user to get the best benefits with only one device. As the colors of LED light increase, so does the price of the therapy device.

Provides More Coverage

The expensive light therapy devices come in larger sizes and customizable shapes. It allows the user to gain multiple advantages at the same time. Compared to small light wands, which only provide the therapy in a very small area, lightboxes offer far more coverage at a given time.

Reasons to Bring Light Therapy in Your Lifestyle

Before diving into the discussion of choosing your device, let’s see what light therapy can do for you. As we discussed earlier, the modern lifestyle has supplied us with numerous mental and physical health conditions. Many people nowadays are suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and insomnia. With the help of light therapy, our biological clock can be restored effectively, resulting in better quality sleep, less anxiety and stress, and less depression. People constantly traveling in different time zones can get rid of jet lag easily with light therapy’s help. What’s more, patients with SAD can be treated effectively without the risk of side effects. Light therapy highly helps in regulating your bodily functions. Therefore your metabolism gets a huge boost and prevents you from falling ill.

Another significant effect light therapy has on your body is it prevents aging signs. We are not only talking about the wrinkles and lines but also the bodily functions that decrease over time. When you are exposed to light therapy, it reaches the damaged cells of your body. Upon reaching there, light energizes the healthy cells and induces healing. Consequently, the homeostasis system gets a significant boost. Additionally, the skin cells produce more collagen and elastin proteins helping highly in reducing age signs from appearing.

Moreover, light therapy can help in healing skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, eczema, rosacea, and many more. This therapy is also very beneficial in reducing muscle pain and injury healing. Due to this amazing phenomenon, the medical industry and the fitness industry have adopted this therapy for additional benefits to the consumers. Nowadays, many bodybuilders, athletes, even fitness freaks are adopting light therapy to gain muscle strength, agility, endurance within a short period of time. Previously, there was no solution to increase testosterone levels without the side effect of death. Light therapy has made it possible to gain a testosterone boost without any side effects and in a very short time.

Children on the autism spectrum can now benefit from light therapy. It has enabled them to control their mood and co-operate with other children of their age. Even your trusted dog or cuddly cat gets a health boost and increased life expectancy when you get them to have light therapy. In a nutshell, light therapy has opened a door of possibilities for living a healthy life, and the advantages we are receiving are just the tip of the iceberg.

For your best benefits, invest in a better light therapy device. It will give you a better service and will last much longer than a cheaper one. Remember, you are adopting light therapy to gain the best benefit within the shortest time. Therefore, get the best device possible for your best advantage.

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