Why lithium-ion batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries

Why lithium-ion batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries


The lithium batteries are taking over other types of rechargeable battery and is still in a fast-growing popularity phase. They are rapidly replacing lead-acid batteries, and there is a good reason for that. It’s because of the lithium-ion technology and the benefits it has over the latter. Before jumping on the lithium-ion vs lead-acid forklift batteries battle, let’s look at the meaning of the lithium battery technology.

lithium battery technology

In the 1970s, the research scientists started developing a lithium-ion battery that may charge pretty much everything. From electronic portable to electronic vehicles, it is truly a life-changing technology for the world. Now that we know what a lithium-ion technology is and how it came to today, we can go for the battle of the old (lead-acid batteries) and the new (lithium-ion batteries).

  • While the initial cost of the lithium batteries is higher than the cost of the lead-acid batteries, you may have doubts about investing in them. But this could be the only time you may have to pay for the lithium forklift batteries because you will not need anything else along with it. A lithium battery is cost-efficient, as no extra or additional charges are added to it later on. The lithium battery is a fully maintenance-free package, charges fast, and has a high energy density that makes it last longer than the lead-acid one. For lead-acid, you will have to change the batteries for your forklift from time to time because the efficiency decreases as the pays progress. You will have to buy multiple batteries that add extra charges for operations and electricity. And there is also the occupying of unnecessary storage. But lithium batteries do not need that. They are a one-time purchase. And they are compact and adaptable to any size of forklift you may have.
  • You can try opportunity charging with lithium batteries but not lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are more efficient and compatible with the opportunity charging technique than lead-acid ones. When we say opportunity charging, we mean the opportunity people get to charge the forklift before resuming work. Like, breaks for lunch. When it is a lunch break, the forklift with the lithium battery can be charged and get back the energy used during work. This can help in the charge burst that contributes to working longer with the forklift for the rest of the shift or when you have long or multiple shifts. This way, you do not even need to charge a fleet of forklifts to work, as just one is enough because the lithium battery is long-lasting. And the opportunity charging added or quickly filled up the used energy. As for lead-acid batteries, they are difficult to use if you try opportunity charging. This is because one – unlike lithium batteries, a lead-acid battery needs time to charge and then go through the cooling process to be used again. And that may take up time that may affect the work, and they may not be able to make impressive progress in the shift.
  • Moreover, there is watering to be done with the lead-acid batteries that require ventilation to let out the dangerous gas released from this process. The efficiency of the batteries decreases as well with the opportunity charging. All that does not happen in the lithium forklift batteries. They are charged and used. No cooling, no watering, and no ventilation. The lithium batteries are sealed with a battery management system that takes care of the cell balancing, and there is no harmful gas emission – making it environment-friendly.

Now that we know the advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries and who won the battle of batteries, you know where to invest. And if you choose lithium batteries for your forklift, then check this industrial battery manufacturer who deals with lithium batteries for forkliftelectric forklift batteries, and provides services if you want them to replace the batteries, included. They are a trusted group, who has tested and approved batteries for forklift. For more information, visit https://www.lithiumforkliftbattery.com/.

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