Why you should switch to using Bong

Why you should switch to using Bong

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If you are the type of smoker who wants a quick but smooth hit, then bongs are for you. Bongs are the water pipes that are used to smoke cannabis but in a milder way. They have water filtration, that separates the carcinogenic toxins, letting the person take in just the plant smoke. It comes in many shapes and sizes, hence making it versatile and efficient. But these are not the only reason you should switch to using Bong if you have not already.

First and foremost, let’s understand the origin of the word. Bong, actually came from the Thai word ‘baung,’ a bamboo pipe used to smoke weed. Bongs have a rich history behind me, as it has been the go-to instrument to smoke cannabis for hundreds of years. From royalties to aristocrats, everyone had achieved their high using the bong. So there is no way, all that hype for this is just airy sprinkles. It has proved that bong has existed for many generations and the original smoker’s best mate.

original smoker’s best mate

Anyway, moving on from its rich history, let us next see the components of this pipe. First, we see the tube or the base. This is where the water will be stored, and the tube is from where you inhale the herb. There is another tube, called the downstem, provided for the formation of bubbles along with the percolator. So when you light the weed and inhale the smoke, the water forms bubbles, and the condensed smoke is taken in. Ultimately, we have the bowl where the weed rests. If you are looking for some affordable bong, try this gravity bong. They are cheap gravity bong that can create an impressive amount of smoke from lighting a small amount of cannabis. This way, you do not need to invest a lot if you cannot afford the herb easily. Also, these gravity bongs for sale are a one-time purchase so that you can spend your leisure time nicely.

If you are still not convinced why you should go for the bong pipe, then here are a few other points to think over.

  • It is perfect for newbies. If you are a first-timer or someone who does not smoke a lot –a bong can help you get used to it. Smoking with the bong is easier on the throat and lungs than smoking through combustion, that is, joints, cigars, or dry pipes. The smoke released from them can irritate the throat while inhaling, and the heat from it may damage the lungs faster. With a bong and the water that it uses, the smoke is condensed and separates any strong substance that can hurt the body while inhaling. It also cools down the smoke, making it a smooth hit. This shows bong is healthier than other instruments.
  • The biggest advantage that bongs have over other types is their water filtration technique. This is because the water filters out any smoke-borne toxins and other nasty things from the smoke before you inhale it. Of course, bong cannot separate all the carcinogenic toxins, but it does its work. And your body is not in danger. Moreover, the clearer smoke that you inhale does not leave any residues around your mouth, preventing bacteria from spreading. So you can take that long hit as many times as you want.
  • Bongs are fun. They are versatile, effective, healthier, and fun. Toking from a bong can also give you the classic feel as if you are back when lords sat around and had their time smoking through this. Moreover, bongs are sold in many shapes and sizes, even more so as time progresses. Now, we even have these one-of-a-kind and funky glow in the dark bongs and glow-in-the-dark mushroom bong. Their unique appearance can make the moment all the more enjoyable.

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