Easiest 4 Fingers Claw Setup in PUBG Mobile (Pro Players Claw Setup)

Easiest 4 Fingers Claw Setup in PUBG Mobile (Pro Players Claw Setup)

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Do you play PUBG Mobile with 2 fingers default settings? You need to try 4 fingers claw in PUBG Mobile. Here I explained my own 4 fingers claw setup for PUBG Mobile.

You can customize this according to your requirements, but we suggest you use this 4 finger claw setup mentioned in this article. Further, you can customize a little bit of change in this claw.

Recently, we published content related to iPad Mini 5 sensitivity settings, might be you liked and now you are going to discuss the best 4 fingers claw setup in PUBG Mobile which you can easily play PUBG Mobile. Further, you can better perform in close range.

Players priority 4 fingers over 2 fingers because in 4 finger claws they can easily move, shoot, and looking around, in 2 fingers that is not possible.

Benefits of 4 Fingers Claw instead of 2 Fingers in PUBG Mobile

Going to discuss the 4 finger claw, first, you need to know about the benefits of this. There are serval benefits of using 4 fingers claw:

  • You can easy & fast movement by using 4 finger claw settings
  • You can quickly shoot on enemy
  • Easily look around simultaneously
  • You can use 4 buttons at the same time (Shooting, Movement, Scope, Aim).

It depends on you which button you most used and set at your performance. You can also make it a 4 fingers to 6 finger claw. If you have an iPad or any other larger screen device, then we recommend you use 6 finger claw. It will be better than 4 finger claw.

The Best 4 Finger Claw Setup

The Best 4 Finger Claw Setup
Image via PUBG Mobile Layout (The Best 4 Finger Claw Setup)

You can customize it according to your performance and the device that you are using for playing. Further, you need to turn on the basic feature that is available in PUBG Mobile settings. These features can help to increase your performance when you rush at the enemy.

  • Go into the settings
  • Turn on the “Peek & Fire
  • Turn on the “Aim Assist
  • Switch “Learn mode” on “Hold
  • Switch “Scope mode” on “Hold”.
turn on the basic feature
Image via PUBG Mobile basic feature

These settings can help in close-range combat and also can help to control recoil in close and long-range. You can use the right thumb for taking aim at the enemies. And left thumb you can use for the movement.

You can also use this code for getting 4 finger claws “6982-4200-9777-6759-718“. How to add this code into the PUBG Mobile game for 4 finger claw setup. Follow the steps:

  • Go into the “settings”
  • Click on “controls
  • Click on “customize
  • Go into the “layout settings”
  • Press on “search method
  • Paste the code and save it.


Once you successfully setup of 4 fingers claw then you need to do some practice. you know practice can make you better, when you do practice you will be able to finish the whole enemy squad easily. I’m also using this 4 finger claw and my performance is better than 2 finger claw. I had a practice and now I can finish the enemy squad easily in combat.


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