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How to Use UBL Digital App in 2023? (Complete Guide)

by Team Techager
How to Use UBL Digital App 2021 (Complete Guide)

Are you a United Bank Limited customer? And you want to know how to use the UBL Detail App on your Smartphone. We complete A to Z and discuss the UBL Digital App 2023.

Who can use the UBL Digital app? If you have UBL savings or a current bank account, you can use this app to transfer money for Zakat.

In other words, all existing UBL customers can use the UBL Digital App. This app is also available on the Google Play and Apple App Store for Android and iPhone. Further, you can also use a UBL bank account for receiving Google AdSense payments in Pakistan.

How to use the UBL Digital App?

There are three official methods by which you can activate your UBL Digital App:

  • Using account details
  • Using a secure code.
  • Using QR.

Make sure you have UBL savings or a current bank account, and then you can apply for the UBL Digital App. Follow the steps for registering in the UBL Digital App:

Sign up using account details

  • Download and install the official “UBL Digital App.
  • You need to enter the essential info, “Your CNIC number, Your ATM card number, Your ATM PIN”.

Note: If you have not activated your ATM card, you can use the option for sign-up via your “Netbanking credentials”.

Sign up using a secure code

  • Call the UBL Customer Care
  • After our representative has verified you through the call, you’ll be sent a unique, computer-generated sign-up code on your registered mobile number.
  • To complete registration, enter the sign-up code and your CNIC number.

Sign-up using QR

  • Download and install UBL App
  • Select “Sign-up for Mobile Banking.”
  • The sign-up screen will appear with an additional option, “Scan QR Code to Sign-up.”
  • Select this option
  • The screen will open the camera for you to scan the QR code (displayed on your friend’s Digital App/Mobile)
  • Once the QR Code is scanned, the App will navigate to another screen asking for the below-mentioned detail.
  • CNIC Number, Mobile Number”
  • Mention the required detail & press the ‘Next button
  • In case the provided Mobile Number doesn’t match in the database, you will be given another chance to enter the information
  • Otherwise, a Sign-up code will be instantly sent via SMS to your registered mobile number and the system will navigate you to the next screen
  • The next screen will contain a Blank Alphanumeric field to mention the Instant Sign-up Code
  • Enter the Sign-up Code in the respective field and press the ‘Next button
  • Once the Sign-up Code is verified, the system will allow you to create the User ID and password.

Further Guide

You can also use the Face ID or Touch ID to log in to the UBL Digital App. You must enable the Face ID and Touch ID to sign in without entering the password.

Face ID or Touch ID to login in UBL Digital App
Image via UBL Digital App (Face ID or Touch ID to login in UBL Digital App)

If mistakenly you forgot the password, then you can easily reset it. Click on forgot password at the front of the App screen and give all the mentioned info. Then, you can create a new password.

The most repeated question is: can we use the UBL Digital App on Windows? No, the UBL Digital App is currently available on smartphones; you can’t use it on Windows.

You can also pay bills through UBL App that are mentioned below:

  • Utility Bills
  • UBL Bills
  • Mobile Bills/Top-up
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Bill.


According to my experience, the UBL Digital App is the best banking app which you can do anything. I have a UBL current account and use this App for transferring money, paying bills, and so on. If you have a UBL bank account, we recommend using the UBL Digital App. Thanks for reading!

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