9 Top Tips for Helping Your Kid Focus

9 Top Tips for Helping Your Kid Focus


Every child has difficulty concentrating from time to time. Very young children have short attention spans and their focus gets better with age and practice. School-age children can still get easily distracted, especially when they’re sleepy or bored. Parents often wonder what to do if their child’s mind is wandering when they should be focusing on their homework or another task. Read on to learn how to help your little ones when they get sidetracked.

Give them simple and clear directions

Children love structure and understand concepts the best when they’re clearly and precisely presented. Also, be careful not to overload them with data. Instead, break everything down for them. Give them instructions one by one when doing a craft or cooking together. This way, they’ll be able to follow easily and focus on the task at hand without being overwhelmed with information.

Start projects straight away

Don’t put off a task because the child doesn’t feel like doing it. They will only grow more restless as time goes by and they get sleepier or hungrier. However, this isn’t to say that they have to complete it all in one go. On the contrary, It’s advisable to take breaks so they can replenish their energy. For example, they can have a short play session or get a tasty snack to reset.

Make it fun

Pepper responsibilities with fun activities and you’ll see your child instantly become much more interested. If you use your imagination, you can turn the most tedious tasks into a stimulating experience. For example, you can gamify chores to make them more palatable for your children. Kids love moving around so make sure to incorporate physical activity as often as possible.

Know how to get them back on track

Distractions can never be completely eliminated, which means that there will be setbacks from time to time. Don’t let this frustrate you. Instead, learn how to redirect their attention and re-establish focus.

Determine what works for them

Every person is unique and what works for one child may not work for another. Some kids will be at the top of their game early in the morning and others will do better before going to bed. Some may love having background noise and others need complete silence to focus. Try out different things to see what your child responds to well.

Practice mindfulness

Taking deep breaths to calm down and doing other simple mindfulness exercises may have a beneficial effect on your child’s concentration. For example, body scan meditation is easy for kids to grasp and can be helpful for them.

Give them plenty of chances to burn off energy

Children need physical activity to keep their minds and bodies healthy and balanced. Indoor fun experts at Uptown Jungle Chandler recommend stimulating, age-appropriate exercise that encourages the development of a child’s focus and cognitive abilities. After moving around and having a fun play session, they’ll be more likely to settle down to do a quiet activity.

Talk to their teacher

Teachers get to see their students from a different perspective than their parents can. Maybe they can tell you which techniques really work for your child and shed more light on their learning style. You can then develop a plan that will align with what the teacher is already doing in the classroom.

Give positive feedback

Don’t forget to praise them for staying on course and completing tasks on time. This will motivate them to do their best next time too. Make sure that they know you appreciate their effort and that their focus can get sharper with a little practice and hard work.

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