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A Short Guide to Find Influencers

by Team Techager
A Short Guide to Find Influencers

Influencer marketing today holds enormous importance. The brands choosing influence marketing finds this marketing tactic the most successful. We can look at influencer marketing as traditional marketing with a modern twist from a different perspective. Like in older days people used to tell their most liked product to their family & friends. In the same way, today, influencers on Social Media tell their followers about their most-used products. We often find them reviewing new products & services. These product & services sometimes are their brands and most often of other brands. These influencers do not influence their nearby colonies; instead, they have a global influence. Anyone on Social Media can anytime open their profile & check what’s trending. But, these people have their niche, and very rare influencers are posting about every next thing. In fact, as per a study 2020 analyzed, influencers had 57% more reach for their promoted brands.

In the modern world, many companies have already started using influencer marketing. But, it doesn’t mean to pick any influencer for the sake of promoting your brand, and you need to be very particular, at least in terms of niche and what type of influencer they are. So, here are 5 types of influencers you can think of to find influencers.

  1. Influencers having 1000 to 10,000 followers are categorized as Nano-influencers
  2. Influencers having 10,000 to 50,000 followers are Micro-influencers
  3. Influencers having 50,000 to 500,000 followers are Mid-tier influencers
  4. Influencers having 500,000 to 10,00,000 followers are Macro-influencers
  5. Influencers having more than a 10,00,000 followers are Mega-influencers

Let’s dig into an in-depth understanding of these influencers and what points should be considered.

Nano-influencers are the most affordable influencers as they are still in a race to gain popularity. You will find few of these influencers not even charging for posting Reels & Static Post. So, if you are a brand with a limited budget, you can pick these influencers.

Micro-influencers: These people have more authentic content but are less polished than other influencers. Depending on the business goal, these influencers can make you grow your brand.

Mid-tier influencers: To become this type of influencer, they have to climb their success ladder diligently. This requires more knowledge to reach this level, from becoming a nano influencer to a mid-tier influencer. In terms of content, you will find these more potent than others.

Macro-influencers: Many brands find them the ideal influencers when it’s about the choice of audience & the brand goal. You will mostly find these influencers posting the more severe types of content compared to macro or nano influencers.

Mega-influencers – For these types of influencers, you might be thinking you’ll be getting a vast reach which is correct. But, when it comes to engagement, you’ll be surprised to know they have only a 1.6 percent engagement rate.

Finding influencers isn’t an easy task. It is tough to pick the most suitable one as vast choices are available in the market. Everyone is giving their best, but it’s necessary to make a correct choice for the overall organizational goal. Manually, companies can outline picking up the influencers by understanding the audience. After that, jump on to the evaluation part, as this is the step where you will have a close look. In today’s world, some influencers have fake followings. Then analyze the reach, engagement, authenticity, personality and niche.

You can start by searching with the help of Hashtags. Just like on Google, the content is accessible via keywords the same way on Social Media the Hashtags are used. So, pick the Hashtags that go in alignment with your brand. A few of the Hashtags that can use are – #ad, #blogger, #vlogger #contentcreator & many more.

After that, you will now come across various posts that you like the most. Now, check the creator’s profile. If they have a good number of followers, then use the Instagram Engagement Calculator. To find influencers on the road isn’t easy; it does have many speed breakers. To take a smooth road with a definite success in finding the influencers, various tools are available to pick influencers.

The Final Words!

Either doing the influencer search manually or taking a quick help by using the tools to find influencers, don’t neglect your business goals. If your business goals are unnecessary, the result will not meet your expectations. After that, make sure to track and measure your campaign’s success. The most crucial point before handling the massive opportunity of getting engagement for your brand. Do remember to engage with the influencers first, and this will help you draw brand attention in the right direction.

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