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An Overview of RISE with SAP

by Team Techager
An Overview of RISE with SAP


According to SAP, the creator of the solution, RISE with SAP is a “business technology as a service.” But what does it mean, though? In simple words, RISE with SAP is a collection of technologies that enables you to combine the following effectively –

  • Industrial extensibility.
  • A flexible Cloud ERP solution.
  • Outcome-driven services from SAP, and
  • Business process transformation and analytics.

And how does it benefit you?

For starters, thanks to this brand-new offering, SAP has collectively constructed the aforesaid features in a single solution. Therefore, you can save both your money and resources, as there is no need to deviate your attention to more than one segment.

Secondly, it has become much easier for you to handle the whole solution too. However, let’s talk more about that later. For now, we’ll discuss what RISE with SAP is and how it works.

What is RISE with SAP?

With the launch of RISE with SAP, SAP has promised to cut down the cost of maintaining as well as hosting. Thanks to the accumulation of products and services, you can also employ the tools by paying a one-time subscription fee. Per SAP, RISE with SAP follows an –

  • One contract.
  • One offer.
  • Lower TCO.

And if you subscribe to the same, you’re going to get the below-mentioned –

  • S/4HANA Cloud.
  • Access to SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform).
  • Embedded tools and services.
  • SAP Business Network Starter Pack.

But, what do you really get from RISE with SAP, though, barring the technicalities?

To begin with, it’ll offer a complete business process redesign, including – recommendations, best practices, benchmarks, and simulations of transformation. These services and tools have been chosen based on SAP’s working experience with over 400,000 consumers.

Apart from these, you can also get a single data layer, more than one cloud provider, RPA and AI embedding, more than 2000 APIs, and a pre-built SaaS platform.

Additionally, some of the most prevalent SAP S/4HANA Cloud benefits will be there as well – mobile access, connectivity, standardization, and consistent user experience.

In short, here’s what the core points of RISE with SAP look like –

Business Process RedesignSignavio.Process discovery.
Intelligent EnterpriseAccess to Business Network.SAP BTP.SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Technical MigrationData Management.Landscape Transformation.

The Benefits of RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is, in a word, excellent, no matter how you look at it. And if you are able to integrate it efficiently into your system, it can help you –

1: Innovate Capably.

With RISE with SAP, you’ll be able to grow your revenue exponentially by differentiating all the business models within your industry. You can also use it in order to manage sustainability with organization-wide control and transparency. In addition to this, you can also integrate intelligent automation across several significant critical procedures.

2: Getting Continuous Insights.

RISE with SAP can help you prioritize optimization opportunities with a quick and efficacious evaluation of your business activities, processes, and tasks. Besides, you can also accelerate a specific organizational procedure thanks to the tailored insight offered by RISE. Besides, you will also be able to sharpen procedural performance based on best practices and system usage.

3: Secure Your Success.

RISE with SAP is extremely versatile and, therefore, can be used to process a mission-critical operation in an innovative manner. Besides, there’s also a cybersecurity solution integrated with the application. You can use it to protect all of your data and SAP applications efficiently. The solution also comes with a Guided Journey, which can help you learn more about it and SAP.

How Do You Get Started with RISE?

When it comes to getting started with RISE with SAP, interacting with the solution is going to be extremely important. Now, if you want, you can follow these three steps conclusively –

Now, going through each of these steps will be challenging for a not-so-tech-savvy user. Thus, it might be better for you to collaborate with a consulting service that can walk you through the entire process and –

  • Help you navigate through all the options and services that SAP provides to start your transformation journey with RISE with SAP effectively.
  • Use SAP Activate Methodology to put an initial version of the entire plan to prepare a company to work better with SAP.
  • Analyze your existing infrastructure and processes to anticipate the timeline and effort needed for the project.
  • Understand the available possibilities of SAP BTP and its core benefits. After all, they have a deep experience with the infrastructure and integration of SAP.

If you want to have a better understanding of RISE with SAP, make sure to talk to an expert quickly. They can help you with whatever you’re having trouble with.

RISE with SAP – The Objectives

The core objective of RISE with SAP is all about improving the core of a business and taking care of its overall efficiency effectively. Apart from this, it also attempts to –

  • Let a business owner take the lead with industrial innovation, run their organization in a sustainable manner, and drive growth through the same.
  • Help secure success and efficacy at every step by offering a trusted solution.
  • Offer continuous insights to let you improve further continuously.

Should You RISE with SAP, Then?

The RISE with SAP solution has been specifically designed by SAP to guide a corporation to expand its operations efficiently. Besides this, it also attempts to ensure that the managers of the business can have extensive knowledge about how the industry is improving.

In short, if you want to optimize your business in the most efficient manner, it might be best to use RISE with SAP. Just ensure that you are choosing the best consulting prospect for your integrational purposes, and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!

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