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Career opportunities for certified blockchain professionals

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Career opportunities for certified blockchain professionals

The world recognized the potential of blockchain for digital transformation recently, and the market has been growing ever since. In 2021, the global blockchain market stood at almost $4.67 billion and would grow to around $7.18 billion in 2022. Considering the expansion of the blockchain industry, the demand for a blockchain certification has also skyrocketed in recent times. 

Almost every tech professional seeking prolific developments in the field of blockchain want a certification to strengthen their career development opportunities. The hype around blockchain has spurred demand for blockchain certifications. It’s important to learn about career opportunities for certified blockchain professionals. The following discussion provides an overview of the career opportunities available for certified professionals in the domain of blockchain technology. 

General Prospects for Career in Blockchain

The first thing you must note about a blockchain career is that blockchain is a new technology. Employers need assurance of a professional’s blockchain skills which would serve plausible value advantages for their business. Therefore, certifications are an essential tool for landing desirable jobs in blockchain. 

At the same time, it is also important to look for the possible jobs you can land after qualifying for a blockchain certification. Is the role of a blockchain developer the only route for entering a career in blockchain? Now, you should remember that certification can also guarantee that you have the skills and knowledge required for a specific job. Candidates need to invest efforts in job search and professional networking even after qualifying for professional blockchain certifications. 

Roles for Certified Blockchain Professional

The advantage of certified blockchain professionals over non-certified candidates is an obvious highlight in the blockchain job market. However, you must have a clear idea of the top blockchain jobs for certified professionals to chart your career journey. Here are some of the notable job roles for certified professionals with blockchain expertise. 

Blockchain Consultant

The most comprehensive role after you become blockchain certified would refer to that of a blockchain consultant. A blockchain consultant is a guide for an organization that wants to adopt blockchain technology in its business systems and processes. The blockchain consultant guides an organization on how they should approach their blockchain implementation strategy. In addition, the fluency of a blockchain consultant with updated actionable tools is a formidable advantage for the organization.

Blockchain Architect

The emphasis on the role of a blockchain developer should never overshadow the significance of a blockchain architect. You can complete reliable blockchain certification courses for the role of blockchain architect to prove your expertise in blockchain architecture. 

Interestingly, a blockchain architecture training and certification course also set your foundational skills as a blockchain developer. A blockchain architect must have a fluent understanding of different blockchain use cases. Most important of all, the certified blockchain architect must have the skills to choose the ideal system components according to the needs of end-users.

Blockchain Security Expert

The growth of blockchain industry would also draw attention to the need for security of blockchain-based systems. Certified professionals need to look for new blockchain skill paths in security to capitalize on blockchain security expert job roles. The blockchain security expert must have a detailed understanding of blockchain security threats. 

At the same time, the security expert must also have the skills for performing blockchain threat modeling alongside vulnerability assessments. The role of a blockchain security expert also involves designing and developing secure blockchain-based applications and systems. 

NFT Professional

Another trendy career option for aspiring professionals points to the role of an NFT professional. The demand for NFTs has spurred a huge demand for NFT professionals, and the right blockchain certification can help you land the role. As an NFT professional, you have to communicate the technology behind NFTs to other people in the organization. 

The NFT professional must have a detailed understanding of the goals and scope of NFTs alongside the best practices for using them. Some of the other job roles for certified blockchain professionals along the lines of NFT professionals would include a metaverse professional or a web3 professional.

Bottom Line    

The job prospects for certified professionals in the blockchain labor market can encourage anyone to pursue blockchain certifications. However, it is important to look for the best and most trustworthy certification and training course providers to help you. The multiple blockchain certification courses available in the market can create a lot of confusion for you. 

At the same time, reliable platforms like 101 Blockchains offer you certifications tailored for popular blockchain-based job roles. Blockchain professionals can also use the certifications to add new updates to their portfolio of blockchain skills. Learn more about the professional blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains and how they can build your career.           

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