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Clevo NH70 Laptop: Powerful, Fast, And Affordable

by Team Techager
Clevo nh70 Review Pricing, Specifications info

The Clevo NH70 is a high-performance laptop designed for gaming and demanding applications. Equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA graphics card, this laptop delivers fast and smooth performance, making it an ideal choice for gamers, graphic designers, and other demanding users.

Clevo NH70 features a sleek and stylish design, with a 17.3-inch Full HD display and a backlit keyboard, making it both functional and visually appealing. Whether you’re playing the latest games, working on demanding projects, or just need a reliable and powerful laptop, the Clevo NH70 is an excellent choice.

Clevo nh70 is the best choice for gaming. This device will fulfill all gamer’s requirements within a reasonable budget. It is most efficient laptop for gamers.

Clevo nh70 quick specification:

  • Model: clevo NH70
  • Storage & type: 8 GB SSD
  • Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • Processor: intel core i7
  • Screen size: 17.3 HD
  • Battery :14.4V 3275 mAh
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Operating system: window 10 Home

Clevo nh70 overview:

Clevo nh70 is one of the most favorite laptops among gamers. It has an intel core i7 processor that helps the system to run more efficiently way. The big 17-inch screen makes the game more viewable and enjoyable. The price range is also affordable.

Why you should choose clevo nh70?

There are many brands and famous companies’ gadgets available in the market. All the devices have specialties. Laptops clevo nh70 is affordable to everyone whether students or businessmen.  It has more efficient battery timing and is best for gaming with the most productive graphics card. This laptop is not just used for gaming but also used for daily work. Apart from all these, it has the best image quality.

Clevo specification detail view:


The battery capacity is 14.4v which is quite good for smooth gaming. The battery has six cells and the timing last for more than 3 to 4 hours. according to the price range of the Clevo nh70, the battery performance is good. If you want to extend the battery life then it will not possible with Clevo nh70 in that case you should look at another device.

Storage capacity:

The storage capacity of Clevo nh70 is up to 8 gb but you can extend it up to 1TB. You can use SSD and HDD. The storage extend option is available for those who want more storage capacity and performance.

Audio quality:

Clevo nh70 has best audio quality for gamers. It has the same level audio performance like other gaming device. Its speaker is built on left side of the laptop. The best audio quality makes video, movies and video games more excited.

Display and resolution:

The screen size of the clevo nh70 is 17.3 inches. The resolution is 1920 * 1080 pixels that made image quality most effective and makes video games more visible support HD quality. The clevo nh70 is light weight to carry from one to another place.

Processor performance:

Clevo nh70 has intel core i7 powerful processor that helps to run the system smoothly and every task execute fastly. The processor has 3.6 GHz clock speed that helps you to run any game in most effective and smooth way.


Keyboard has important role in most of the games. The clevo nh70 has most comfortable and responsive keyboard that is design in such way that it changes colors with your mood which quite interesting and fascinating feature of clevo laptops.

Pros of using clevo Nh70:

  • Excellent HD image quality.
  • Light weight to carry.
  • Stylish design.
  • Keyboard backlit color changes with mood.
  • Better battery performance.
  • Most useful gaming laptop for gamers.


This article is about the clevo nh70 laptop that is the most useful laptop for gamers and also affordable and favorable for all from students to businessman. You can play all kind of games on this device. I hope this article will be helpful for you.


What are the key features of the clevo nh70?

Clevo has 17.3 display screen size. It has 8 gb extend memory and it is the most favorite laptop among gamers apart from gaming it also execute daily work smoothly having intel core i7 processor and long-lasting battery timing.

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