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How To Download Facebook Video Thumbnail in Seconds?

by Asiya Kanwal
Download Facebook Video Thumbnail

Like Facebook video thumbnail and wants to download it. But does not know how to do it? Here, we will tell you how to save attractive and creative video thumbnails to share with friends or for letter use.

A video thumbnail is an image or cover that is used to attract an audience it is like a cover and description of what is in a video.

Thumbnail plays an essential role in your video viewership. Through your thumbnail, the viewer decides at first glance whether it will be exciting. So, an attractive thumbnail is important for your content, especially for Facebook and YouTube.

How to Download Facebook Video Thumbnail? 2 Unique Methods!

You can use several methods to download attractive and creative video thumbnails from the famous social media site Facebook. Follow these methods if you want to download a thumbnail of a Facebook video.

Method 1: Using a web browser!

This method can be used on mobile phones and PCs to save Facebook thumbnails. Login to your Facebook account and choose the thumbnail you want to download.

  • Click on the three dots available in the top left corner of the video or any post you like.
  • Now choose the “copy URL” tab.
  • After that, visit Google Chrome or whatever you have on your PC or mobile.
  • Now paste the link there and press enter. The video will be open in the browser.
  • After that, if you are on mobile, hold your finger on the video or post and press now; the menu will be displayed on your screen in case of pc or laptop. Just right-click on the video.
  • Choose the download image from the given menu. The image or thumbnail will be downloaded to your device in a few seconds.

Method 2: Online Tool!

You can also download your favorite video thumbnail through an online website or tool.

  • One of the famous online tools is “Facebook thumbnail downloader.”
  • Copy your video URL, visit this website, and paste the link.
  • Paste your URL in the search bar on the website’s homepage and hit submit.
  • Now click the download button to download the thumbnail.    

You can also install apps from the Google Play Store to download Facebook video thumbnails.

Can I Change My Video Thumbnail? Common Question!

The thumbnail is the most essential part of your social media post. For video, it adds more value to it. If you mistakenly add the wrong thumbnail and want to update it, you can easily do it. You can do it after publishing the video.

If you have made a video or your content by putting in all your efforts, but it does not have a thumbnail to attract your audience, you waste all your hard work. Creating creative and attentive thumbnails that will boost your content is essential.

What Should Include in Thumbnail? Basic Guide!

A thumbnail is the complete and precise representation of your video content. It should represent the video accurately, accurate video title, and have fascinating and attractive colors. The complete package in small graphic representations would attract the audience and make them curious to watch your content.


What is a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a graphical representation usually used by photographers and graphic designers. A video thumbnail is used to tell the aim and concept of the video with precise and attractive means.

Is the Thumbnail Copyrighted?

Yes, thumbnails are also the copyright of the person who creates it. You should not violate anybody’s creativity. The creator of the thumbnail cam claims it.

Final Verdict

Many social media content creators widely use thumbnails, which have become a trend. It is a small and complete description of your video content. If you’re interested in enhancing your thumbnail collection, you can also explore our list of Facebook Video Downloader Tools. This article will teach you how to easily download your favorite Facebook video thumbnail in high-quality resolution. Read and follow the method mentioned above to download thumbnails from Facebook safely. Thanks for visiting.

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