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Real-Time Personalization: The Key to Creating Engaging and Relevant User Experiences

by Team Techager
Real-Time Personalization The Key to Creating Engaging and Relevant User Experiences

The significance of real-time personalization cannot be overstated, as the old adage goes, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” This is especially true in the world of app development, where a staggering 80% of users abandon an app after the first use. Although various factors contribute to this phenomenon, such as a poor user interface, a complicated sign-up process, or slow loading times, delivering value to users from the outset remains a challenge for app developers.

What is real-time personalization?

Real-time personalization presents a solution to this issue. This technique tailors the user experience to an individual’s preferences and behavior in real-time, using data collected from a user’s interactions with an app or website to provide personalized content that is relevant to their needs and interests. By implementing real-time personalization from the very first interaction, developers can create a more engaging and personalized user experience that can increase user engagement and retention.

How to achieve real-time personalization? 

To achieve this, app developers need to design an onboarding process that elicits user preferences without asking too many questions. They should also act on user preferences immediately by delivering relevant content and track user behavior to uncover implicit preferences. Personalization is an ongoing effort, so the user experience should be continuously personalized as their interests and preferences change over time.

For instance, an app that provides recipes could ask users to choose their favorite cuisine and dietary restrictions upon signing up. The app could then use this information to provide personalized recipe recommendations from the first session on the app. As users’ tastes change over time, the app could track these changes through their actions within the app and offer real-time, tailored recipe recommendations to ensure that the user always has access to recipes that align with their changing preferences.


In conclusion, real-time personalization is a vital aspect of app development that can differentiate an app from its competitors and avoid becoming part of the abandoned app statistics. To learn more about implementing real-time personalization, contact Superlinked, a UK startup that helps developers build their own ML-powered personalization engine to drive engagement and retention for social products.

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