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Essential Things to Consider When Buying a Computer

by Team Techager
Essential things to consider when buying a computer

It’s hard to imagine where the world today would be without computers. They’ve become a crucial part of everyday life, with employees in offices using them to perform several business tasks and people in their homes also completing various tasks on computers. Some people even use them just for entertainment.

However you plan to use your computer, whether it’s for playing video poker online games for entertainment, creating spreadsheets for your weekly shopping budget, sending business emails, or other tasks, you have to understand the features of the computer before you buy it. The brand might be a big name but don’t just take it automatically to mean the computer you’re buying from them is right for you. Know what you’re buying before you part with your cash.

Below is a guide to some of the different things you should consider when buying a computer.


The brand can make a difference in your decision if you’re unfamiliar with the technology. Choosing a big-name brand is a good idea when buying computer hardware systems because a renowned brand will have manufactured a good quality product. It will have been tested and will likely pass with flying colors.

Random access memory (RAM)

Often abbreviated to ‘RAM,’ the random access memory is the computer’s short-term memory, where data is stored as the processor needs it. The computer relies on the RAM whenever you play a game on the computer or stream a video online. The computer stores it in the RAM so your processor can access it quickly.

The RAM can slow the computer down if the device doesn’t have enough for the processor to perform the requested tasks. 8 GB of RAM is the sweet spot for most people, but if you’re a gamer or like to edit photos and videos on your computer, you’ll need at least 16 GB of RAM. The greater the RAM, the more browsers and applications you can have open at once.

Random access memory (RAM)


The processor is the circuitry that executes the instructions that come to it from the operation system. Whenever you open a file or application, the processor must interpret its instructions. Each processor consists of single units called ‘cores.’

Hard drive

The hard drive is the piece of the computer that stores secure digital contents, such as photos, music, documents, programs, and more. A hard drive can be internal or external. Computers today come with 250 GB, 750 GB or more storage. Note that it’s wise to back up the files on your hard drive either on the cloud or on an external hard drive in case your computer’s hard drive becomes damaged.

Graphics card

The graphics card helps your computer to handle videos. You’ll come across two types: integrated and dedicated. An integrated graphics card is already built into the computer’s motherboard, whereas you have to install a dedicated graphics card separately. Dedicated graphics cards are more powerful and recommended if you’re watching movies in HD, editing videos, or playing games on your computer.

Operating system

The operating system manages the computer’s memory and allows programs to run on different types of hardware. This is much different from the earlier days of computing in which programs were written for the hardware and interacted directly with it. The operating system provides more flexibility, serving as a layer between the program and the hardware to operate on a standard interface.

Operating system


Your computer should have plenty of ports on it for use with future peripherals. If you’re buying a PC, buying one equipped with at least six ports is best. An external drive is one piece of equipment you might wish to connect to your computer and for which you’ll need a dock. Many PCs like the Nware 17in Laptop also feature SD card readers.

Antivirus software

Does the software come with a good antivirus and spyware package? This is one of the most critical elements in protecting your computer, if not the most. Some evil beings will try to attack your computer at some point, so check what kind of software comes with the computer. It’s best to be prepared because if someone does gain access to your devices, you could be exposed; this is why reading up on WhatsApp malware online applications is essential, as it can create chaos and inconvenience for you.

Buying a computer is expensive, so you need to make sure you’re making the right choice. Thinking about what you’ll be using the laptop for, plus a solid understanding of the features of the computer you’ve got your eye on, will help you make the right decision.

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