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Keep it real! Why you should buy only real YouTube views

by Team Techager
Keep it real! Why you should buy only real YouTube views

High numbers of YouTube views have many advantages. Know how to buy only real YouTube views and enjoy the same.

Maybe you have just created your YouTube channel. YouTube stands next to Google and, therefore, brands use this platform for expanding their market presence. YouTube is much crowded and it includes a plethora of videos on a wide variety of content. Consequently, your YouTube channel needs substantial effort and a lot of time to grow, But buying YouTube views can help your channel grow. So, here is why you should buy only real YouTube views. Scroll down to find out!

What does YouTube count as a view?

What does YouTube count as a view

If you visit YouTube on any day, you will find that some videos have thousands of views in a couple of days. But what does that mean? YouTube always wants to make sure that real people are viewing the videos. For this, they have fixed certain criteria. If a viewer initiates the video on their device and watches it for a minimum of 30 seconds, YouTube counts that as a view. If someone skips through a video but spends more than 30 seconds that is also counted as a view. YouTube counts repeated views up to a certain point and stops counting after that.

Benefits of buying real views on YouTube

Benefits of buying real views on YouTube

Buying YouTube videos delivers the following benefits. Of course, it is important to remember that we talk about real views; if you get fake or bots, well, it is totally different and that could harm your channel. So, let’s see the benefits:

  • Improve ranking: Although one can reach the target audience for and promote the brand, the engagement type and number of views influence YouTube ranking. YouTube algorithm uses the number of views & likes, comments, and user engagement to rank a video content.  So, getting more views is sure to improve the ranking of your YouTube Channel.
  • Make the video viral: Getting popular on YouTube takes time. For this, one needs to upload engaging and high-quality videos continuously. But, it becomes easy if you buy only real YouTube views. So, it willincrease the popularity of your YouTube channel. It further increases the chances of sharing YouTube videos on social media platforms and staying ahead of the competition.
  • Increase the number of subscribers: One needs to focus on getting subscribers after creating the YouTube Channel. When one buys YouTube views, more people are likely to find your YouTube channel. As such, it is a great way of increasing the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.
  • Build credibility: People tend to watch videos that enjoy more likes. So, popular YouTube channels easily get more views. But that does not happen when you have started a new YouTube channel. It takes a lot of time to have more views and build vendibility. But buying YouTube views can speed up the process. As you acquire more views you can build your credibility that ultimately leads to more views.
  • Draw more traffic: People treat YouTube channels with more views and subscribers as trustworthy. And as people trust you, they would likely visit your website. They can even share your video and that helps to draw more traffic to your website. So, buying YouTube videos is a great way to get more traffic. It further helps to target audiences interested in your content.
  • Generate revenue: One can buy only real YouTube views to generate significant revenue on YouTube.  When your YouTube gets more views, it encourages the audience and they share your video. Generally, it needs around 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers for monetizing the YouTube channel. Only buying views can expedite the process and helps to make more money.
  • Get more free time: When you buy only real YouTube views, you get more free time. One can utilize this time to chalk out other online marketing strategies. Additionally, you can have more personal time to spend with your family and friends.

Where to buy only real YouTube views

Where to buy only real YouTube views

One may buy only real YouTube views from the following websites, which after some testing and reading online reviews, seem to be the most reliable and websites which really do sell real views. (Many sites claim to do so but in reality they don’t, because bots are cheaper).

  1. Lenostube

Lenostube provides a variety of YouTube marketing services and nothing else. And that is what I like about the site, the fact that It is specialized on YouTube services and views. The site offers different packages of views, which are real, but from different sources depending on what you prefer. For instance, you can have real views from Google Ads or real views from promotion on external websites. for 1000 views, usually the pricing is around 6 or 7$. They deliver between 24 and 72 hours and need no password. To buy real views for their videos, one has to pick the package, enter the video URL, and pay through SSL encrypted payment gateway. It is that easy.

2. PromotionYouTube

This is a new yet trending site and it has just one package of YouTube views ranging from 1000 views to 50k views. You can buy 1000 views for just 3$, and you also get likes with them. It also does not demand any credentials or private information. They provide live chat support and claim to ensure guaranteed order for lifetime. They offer customized packages for big orders too.

3. 4000Hours

4000hours is born to provide watch time, but hey they got other promotions going on too, including real views from advertising. So, 100% real and compliant with the terms. The website offers eight YouTube views packages ranging from 1000 views for $9 to 20000 views for $140 only. They get these from all over the world but real people only. One can select a package and enter the page URL. They do the rest. No password is also required. The website ensures guaranteed of real viewers from YouTube advertising.

Parting words

Parting words

So, you have it! Views happen to be the lifeblood of YouTube channels. Buying them is the fastest and easiest method to grow your presence. One does not need to break a bank to buy real YouTube views. Better start with a small package and watch how it works to set the ball rolling. Additionally, one should also follow the best practices to grow organic YouTube views.

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