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Turn Your iPhone into a pocket scanner with these Free Tricks & Tips

by Team Techager
Turn Your iPhone into a pocket scanner with these Free Tricks & Tips


Iphones are already in use to manage GPS tracking, calculators, as well as camera, needs However, what about using it to substitute your scanner?

Excellent cameras, smart apps, and smartphones make for simple and effective mobile scanning. Recently, I came across an old portable document scanner hidden in my closet. Ah, yes, I make use of my mobile phone and have dumped the scanner.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of making digital copies using an office scanner that is like a photocopier. However, smartphones and tablets are able to create high-quality scans of paper documents using built-in cameras.

Do you have an electronic scanner in your pocket?

This isn’t a brand new concept; “scanner” apps have been in existence however, the apps themselves have evolved dramatically in recent times along with massive advancements to phones’ cameras.

Here in this blog, I have mentioned 2 tricks to scan documents for free and also tips to get seamless scans.

This is why I wanted to inform you about my top free document scanner application that works on iOS : QuickScan Document Scanner App. The app is available on the Android platform as well.

QuickScan – Document Scanner for Free App for iOS and Android

With the QuickScan Scanner app, you can simply place your document to fit into your viewfinder (your iPhone’s screen). The application will then quickly snap it, and afterwards smooth, straighten and enhance the quality of the image.

When a document is folded, it eliminates all fold marks off the image, and evened out the areas of differing contrast. With those long receipts I didn’t have to separate them into segments — the app worked perfectly when I pulled back to capture the whole thing in one go.

I particularly like the way it simplifies multipage documents. After you’ve taken one page of the document, you’ll be completely ready to go on to the next. I would venture to say that this is quicker than a traditional scanner — another reason I’m a fan of this scanner over similar scanners.

After you’ve completed a scan, click the checkmark icon to look over each page of the side-scrolling tray. You can simply flick it and take it out of the tray to eliminate it.

So QuickScan simplifies the whole scanning process incredibly simply and will automatically upload when you’re finished. There’s also the possibility of sharing your scan via email or other common iOS sharing options. It’s just a matter of remembering to change the name before sending it off or it’ll use its standard “Scan 1” name for the file.

Quickscan can also provide sophisticated document correction and editing features that includes annotation, OCR text recognition, password protection in addition to digital signatures, and scanned documents.

How to scan a document using QuickScan App?

Place the document you wish to digitise on an even surface like a desk , or table.Open your QuickScan app on your mobile, and if it’s your first time you will have a guide tour to assist in how to go about scanning. The exact procedure will vary depending on the application you’re using, but you’ll typically need to put your device right above the document and then make use of the camera in the device to take a photograph.

It will save as PDF or image files on the device. You can then send it to someone else or or upload it to your personal computer, or save it to your device to save for future reference.

Scanning with notes using the Notes application (iOS)

Notes is a no-cost pre-installed mobile application designed for iOS devices that allows you to scan documents with the camera of your mobile device.

To start you’ll need to launch Notes. To begin, you’ll need to open the Notes program on your Home screen.For a new note click on the bottom left icon. From the toolbar on the top of the keyboard click the plus circle icon. From the menu select Scan Documents.

Make use of the smartphone camera in order to take a picture of the paper. After that, you can save it to show the image within the notes.

This document has now been added to your Scanned Documents. To share only the document you need to open it by tapping it. Click on the Share button situated on the top left of the screen and you will be directed to the Menu screen.

In the drop-down menu you can upload the document you have scanned using your software, print it out or even create an electronic PDF.

Mobile device scanning tips

Scanning documents with the go is quick and simple, however the results may not be as reliable as what you have using the desktop scanner.

Make sure you use bright, direct light over your work. The indirect and shadowed light can cause some parts of your document to become impossible to read when you scan it.

Place the device right above the document in order to prevent distortion of the scan. In the picture below the phone isn’t right above the document, and the app requests to move it prior to scanning.


It’s not just quick and easy to scan things when you’re far from the computer. Also the quality is astonishingly good thanks to improved camera sensors and more advanced software.

Your iPhone is perfect for digitising old photographs (in album frames, photo frames or hung up on the wall) or documents (menus contracts, agreements and vaccination evidence) Notes whiteboards, business cards, and receipts (ideal for tracking expenses or reimbursement) Then, you can store these images for the time you require them or to send them to someone else in the event that you want to, by email or via text.

Of course that a “scan” involves taking a “photo” of the object you’re looking at with the camera However, the technology goes further by adding colour and lighting correction to photos, and “OCR” technologies.

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