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5 Tools to Engage People using Facebook Widget

by Team Techager
5 Tools to Engage People using Facebook Widget

Facebook is a social networking site that has seen rapid growth and influence in the tech world. How can social media API help you? To start with, they help display content on any app. APIs that provide the infrastructure for social media posting, management, and analytics. Great for SaaS, CMS, DAM, Agencies, & Platforms.

Over 2.85 billion active users now use the platform monthly. Due to its popularity, many brands and marketers have begun to use the platform to market products and services. As expected, they have seen amazing results.

Facebook has a lot of unscripted content created by users. Brands can reap the benefits of displaying such content on their official website. The process of creating a Facebook widget is simple and can be done in just a few steps with an efficient tool.

Keep reading this blog until the end. I have listed some tools that are amazing for creating a responsive and engaging Facebook widget on your website.

Let’s get going!

5 Best Tools to Engage People using Facebook Widget

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox, which is a significant User-Generated Content and social media aggregator, ranks first on this list.

Taggbox allows users to collect, curate, and integrate content from over 15 social networks including Facebook.

Users have the option of selecting the connection type they prefer while aggregating content. You can choose specific hashtags, usernames, and mentions to collect content. After the content has been gathered, users can customize the widget to suit their needs. To make the widget more appealing and engaging, you can choose from many layouts and content styling options.

Users also have the option of removing objectionable or unwanted content from the widget by using the profanity filter. They can also monitor the performance of the Facebook widget, including information such as overall engagement, likes, and overall impressions.

The platform’s 24×7 support team will help you resolve any issues or glitches you may encounter while using it.

2. Tagembed

Tagembed is another responsive Facebook aggregator tool. It allows you to create amazing Facebook widgets.

Tagembed allows you to combine and embed content on your website. It offers many useful features to its users.

The customization panel allows users to customize the widget according to their preferences.

Users can also moderate content to ensure that it is high quality and remove any objectionable or unimportant information. Users can also track widget performance to see how visitors are reacting to it.

3. Elfsight

Elfsight is a Facebook widget that we must mention. This tool allows you to link your Facebook images to your official website. You can adjust the width and size of the Facebook widget before it is published on your website.

The Facebook widget can be customized by users. They can choose from various backgrounds, fonts, and themes. To make the widget more attractive and engaging.

4. Official Facebook Self Embedding Option

Facebook offers an embedding option for its users if they are not familiar. It is easy to embed a post. To complete the embedding process, users simply need to click on three dots at the end of the post to be embedded, then click on the embed option.

This option has a major disadvantage: it takes too long and users can only embed one post at a given time. The tools described above, on the other hand, aggregate all content quickly and efficiently.

5. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is another responsive platform that’s user-friendly. SnapWidget allows users to create a Facebook gallery widget for their websites. The content can be displayed in many ways, including slideshows and grids.

The preview of the widget on the website can be viewed by users before publishing it. The pro version offers more features.

Then, they can access additional features such as analytics and custom CSS.


What is a Facebook widget?

A Facebook widget is an embeddable social media tool that allows you to display Facebook content on your website, increasing engagement and user interaction.

Why should I use Facebook widgets on my website?

Facebook widgets help improve user engagement, drive more traffic to your site, encourage social sharing, and strengthen the connection between your brand and your audience.

How do I add a Facebook Page Plugin to my website?

Go to the Facebook Page Plugin configurator, enter your Page URL, customize the settings, and then copy and paste the generated code into your website’s HTML.

What is the purpose of the Facebook Like Button?

The Like Button allows users to show appreciation for your content, and helps increase your visibility on Facebook as liked content may appear in users’ News Feeds.

Are Facebook widgets mobile-responsive?

Yes, Facebook widgets are designed to be responsive and will adapt to the screen size of the device being used to view your website.


It’s a great way for customers to share their opinions about your brand and products by embedding Facebook posts on your site.

It not only makes your website more attractive but also keeps visitors on the site longer. This is a great way for your brand to show its social proof. All these factors will ultimately lead to increased sales and conversions.

Now that you know the best tools for creating an engaging Facebook widget, choose the one that suits you best and get started!

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