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Filing an NEC Lawsuit: 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

by Team Techager
Filing an NEC Lawsuit 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

According to a Reuters report, an Abbott Laboratories plant in Michigan underwent a criminal investigation in January 2023. Parents who were nervous and panicked had emptied the baby formula aisles at the supermarket recalled the complaints about the bacterial infections that followed after using their product.

The use of baby formula products has been linked with NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis). It is a severe and common intestinal disease amongst many premature babies. It occurs when the large and small intestine tissue gets inflamed and injured

NEC can completely destroy intestinal tissues. In certain cases, the intestinal wall develops a hole. 

It often happens due to the use of baby formula products from brands like Enfamil and Similac. 

NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit Update 2023

The NEC Lawsuit update for May 2023 highlights that plaintiffs are discovering new regulatory materials. The plaintiff’s lawyers must know if there is anything essential to highlight what Abbott and Mead knew about the concerns their products posed for premature babies.

According to TorHoerman Law, parents can file a lawsuit if their child has suffered from NEC. But it is necessary to know the deadline as well. It is an essential legal process, and it helps improve a legal case against any infant formula manufacturer.

Mistakes to Avoid While Filing an NEC Lawsuit

Every situation for NEC lawsuits is different. It can take several turns. Often no one is aware of the suffering and challenges of a parent. Acquiring legal assistance is the way to do it. However, parents and families need to steer clear of a few mistakes. They are:

  1.  Waiting Too Long 

Every product lawsuit has a statute of limitations. Hence, there might be ample time. The truth is that it can pass off fast. Contacting a lawyer at the right time is essential to file the case within the deadline.

  1.  Thinking Legal Counsel is Challenging

Several attorneys don’t bill the clients when they lose a case. Victims usually think that legal representation is costly and they cannot afford it. However, many expert lawyers provide free consultations these days. They may charge a retainer fee for the work.

  1. Settling Without a Lawyer’s Advice or Very Soon

An increased monetary amount can pressure NEC victims to settle before visiting the court. If your lawyer is not present, don’t say yes to any offers. Based on the problem’s severity, a healthy settlement might not be apt. There might be a scope to make a higher settlement. Get legal counsel before arriving at any financial decisions. Take the time to understand how to maximize your settlement as you work with a lawyer.

  1. Failing To Consider Long-Term Effects

If your child suffers from NEC, you will have long-term consequences. While filing a case, you should consider this without fail. Even though each situation is different, it’s imperative to gather every medical data you have to get reimbursed for all the extra treatment expenses.

  1. Not Documenting

Keep handy every medical record and allied expenses. It is evidence that will get presented at the court as it helps to calculate the compensation accurately. The lawyer will need this data to create a stronger case.

  1. Having No Bond with the Lawyer

The bond you share with a lawyer who will help you file an NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit is crucial. At the initial filing stage, it is necessary to create a respectful foundation and trust with the lawyer. It is essential to choose a reliable expert who can give you the desired compensation you want. 

During the entire claims process, both parties need to maintain the lawyer-client bond well. The secret recipe for success here is a professional and cordial bond with the lawyer.


How you manage your NEC Baby Formula Lawsuit will impact the compensation you receive! Hence, it is crucial to accumulate all the vital data. Ask as many questions as you want before submitting the claim. It’s wise not to get into any situation when you are unaware of it.

A legal counsel can provide you with all the answers to your question before proceeding with the case. If you are unsure about a certain lawyer, take the time to search for one who can add value to your case rather than rushing into any decision.

An NEC formula lawsuit can appear to be challenging and complex initially, but the correct lawyer will turn the odds in your favor by getting you the compensation you need.

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