Get Free Giffgaff Sim in Pakistan

How to Get Free Giffgaff Sim in Pakistan online

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Which SIM you are using nowadays in Pakistan? Want to get GiffGaff SIM in Pakistan? Then you are at the right place, here we discussed how to order free GiffGaff SIM in Pakistan online.

Might be you are thinking that is not a legal way? But don’t worry this is a 100% legal way to get GiffGaff SIM in Pakistan.

If you are searching for a lasting number in the UK, this is the legal way to get an order for GiffGaff SIM in Pakistan. Might be you are thinking this will be costly? You are wrong, you can get this free of cost without any further charges.

According to the GiffGaff team:

Put simply, we’re the mobile network run by you, our members. And simplicity is kind of our thing. That’s why we don’t do contracts. We think you should stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

How to Order GiffGaff SIM in Pakistan Online

Doesn’t matter you are from Pakistan or other countries; you must follow these steps to get a free GiffGaff SIM:

GiffGaff Website

  • Open official “GiffGaff Website
  • Choose you plan
  • You can also click on “no thanks, I just want a free SIM
  • Fill in the basic info
  • First name, last name, Email, and postal code
  • Then click on “order your free SIM

Order your free SIM before 5.00 pm to get next-day delivery. It’s that simple.

How to Order Giffgaff SIM in Pakistan Online
Image via GaffGiff

What I should do if Giffgaff SIM Not Arrived

You have to wait for some days if SIM has not arrived then you need to re-order for GaffGiff SIM. Might be Giffgaff’s SIM card doesn’t show up at your location. You need to give correct postcode info.

you can also buy it in a virtual office in the UK. If you are from the UK, you can request a physical location to send a SIM card to your location.

Legal way to Activate Giffgaff SIM in Pakistan

  • Visit official “Giffgaff’s website
  • In the main menu, under our offer, click on your SIM.
  • Enter your activation code or your 13-digit SIM number and click Activate.
  • Register an account by entering your valid email address and selecting a password.
  • You will need to make your first payment. You can choose a monthly plan (Goodybag) or add a standard credit. To start with a monthly goodybag, simply choose the one that best suits your needs. To add a standard credit instead, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Use your SIM by tapping up.
  • Select the optional number, then click Pay with the card.
  • Enter your card details and click Activate your SIM.
Legal way to Activate Giffgaff SIM in Pakistan
Image vai GaffGiff

Pro & Cons of GaffGiff

Pros & Cons

  • Offers cheap 30-day plans
  • It is easy to switch between a variety of monthly ‘goodybag’ grants
  • No credit check required as long as you get a SIM
  • Unlimited data in some applications
  • Earn money or credit with payment points
  • Giffgaff is a virtual network and operates on the O2 network
  • No customer service team
  • No long-term plans available
  • 4G data is integrated into 20GB of unlimited data plans
  • The ‘contracts’ of the handset are actually peer-to-peer loans and are very effective


So hope you understood how to get a free GaffGiff SIM in Pakistan online. If you still have any questions related to content can ask through the comments box, thanks for reading!


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