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Hire a web editor | Path to follow

by Team Techager
Hire a web editor Path to follow

Do you want to write interesting, SEO-optimized articles, all with the right words and without misspellings? What if the solution was to hire an editor? This will help you boost your business and develop your digital notoriety. Wondering how to find the right web designer? Web explains everything to you.

Define your priorities

The first thing to do when you want to hire a Novel Ghostwriter is to think about your project well in advance in order to build your specifications. To do this, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How many articles do you need to write?
  • How many words on average will your texts contain?
  • Should these be optimized? If so, have you defined a list of keywords to pass on to your new web editor?
  • What level of expertise is required?
  • What is the desired plot?
  • What are your expectations for paragraph length?
  • What is the intended target?
  • What must your target think and/or do after reading your text?
  • What level of language do you want to use?
  • How should the editor address the reader?

Think about the budget

The job of a web editor is to promote your image to the public. It will depend on the good referencing of your site as well as the loyalty and commitment of your readers. In other words, its role is essential in the construction of your digital identity. So, before hiring a web copywriter, you need to think about the budget you are willing to give to your content marketing.

One thing is certain: an editor paid too little is a less motivated editor and this may affect the quality of the content he produces. Moreover, he will certainly not hesitate to drop you as soon as a more interesting offer is proposed to him. Finding a good web editor is not easy, so if you want to build a healthy and solid collaboration, you will have to pay the fair price.

But what if your budget is tight?

For everyone to find their way around, the best solution is pay per article, often perceived as more motivating by web editors. This will also save you a lot of surprises when billing. As for the rate to be applied per article, it will depend on many factors, such as the technicality of the text to be written, the time devoted to researching information, the integration or not of the article in your back office, etc. It’s up to you to see with your web editor what suits you both.

Hire a web editor or build a team

If you want to have your content written, you will probably wonder how many writers you will need to hire. Two choices are possible.

Recruit a single writer

Collaborating with a single web editor has certain advantages:

  • You build a lasting relationship;
  • Your editor knows the market, your theme and your needs perfectly: no need to brief him for each article. However, hiring a single web editor limits your production in terms of volumes. If you want feature articles, it will be difficult to ask him to produce more than 4 or 5 articles per week.

Build a team

Building a team of several writers is the ideal solution for your business. You will be able to have good content continuously, even if one of them falls ill, goes on vacation, etc.

Web is full of talented web editors, united by the desire to produce, together, content with high added value.

Go live, via a digital strategy agency or a platform?

If you are wondering where to find a good web editor, know that you have 3 possibilities:

  1. Hire a freelance web editor: this allows you to find the affordable non fiction ghostwriter, the person who will master your theme. In addition, you will be able to strengthen your team according to your editorial content needs. Finally, having recourse to freelancers is the most economical solution: offer your editor a remuneration per article, it will certainly be cheaper for you than having recourse to agencies;
  2. Use a digital strategy agency: the volumes will certainly be higher, but you will not be sure that the editors have the expertise related to your blog or your business. Also, these agencies will generally cost you more than a freelance web copywriter;
  3. Go to an editorial platform: here too, the volumes offered are interesting: you can easily order around ten articles per week. However, sometimes these platforms recruit writers whose mother tongue is not French, resulting in content that may not meet your expectations.

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