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How Digital campfires are better for your online business

by Team Techager
How Digital campfires are better for your online business

Smaller, often more closed and engaging online communities and platforms are changing the way brands and customers interact. Gen Z is moving away from customary social media platforms. They communicate online differently than previous generations. Brands now face the challenge of finding Generation Z in these spaces and creating a way to artistically connect with them along the way.

Generation Z audiences are bound by more deep-seated connections in ‘digital campfires.’ They are also more tech-savvy and prefer to watch short content like TikTok videos. This dominant generation not only affects its age groups but also reforms the culture as a whole.

As a marketer, you cannot ignore them and need to look for ways to attract them as your potential customers. However, this is not as challenging and can be done by anyone with a good internet connection and a general knowledge of social media. Cox internet can be a good option to consider, as they are widely known for their reasonable prices and wide range of plans and packages for a diverse customer base. Furthermore, they also allow you to tweak your packages to better suit your needs.

Before we get further into the idea of digital campfires, let us see what it is.

Digital Campfire as a platform

When we hear the word campfire, we usually think of an intimate gathering of people singing songs around a bonfire. However, digital campfires are slightly different.

A digital campfire is a term that was introduced by Sarah Wilson, who used it for describing a micro-community of people interacting with each other. This includes people who share how their online experiences were and also may communicate via private messaging. Some of the most prominent examples of digital campfires include the groups made on Facebook or WhatsApp.

While social media can feel like a busy airport terminal where everyone is admitted but no one particularly wants to be there, digital campfires are a more undisclosed oasis where limited groups of people like to engage based on common interests.

While they may not seem like much, marketers can use this relatively small part of the internet, these digital campfires. As young people move away from the traditional use of social media., more and more people are discovering that they want to connect with the small communities they have created.

Types of Digital Campfires

1. Micro-community

These consist of private interactions or forums that are ‘invite-only’ and revolve around beliefs or interests. They are, in essence, niche or composite private and interactive platforms where people meet to share hobbies or interests. They can also exist on customary social media platforms.

2. Private messaging

These are smaller, more private messaging groups. They usually consist of loyal friends but that is not always the case. These direct messaging threads encourage intimacy rather than open communication and can exist on conventional social media platforms. Messages on Facebook and WhatsApp groups are included in this type of campfire.

If people start to share your posts on social media through these messaging apps, your brand will reach a lot more potential customers. So be sure to create engaging social media content that encourages your customers to share it with family and friends.

3. Shared experience

These are open communities of people who find a similar interest or tend to share common experiences or themes. For example, the live streaming platform Twitch fits into this category but the multiplayer video game Fortnite is a more obvious example.

The shift from broadcast platforms like Twitter to more elaborate digital campfires is taking place across different sectors and topics. This shift presents a clear opportunity to adapt to the benefits incurred by these tools, share sincerely, and engage everyone in the discussion.

If you are still unsure of how beneficial, it might be for your business, read on to learn more.

4. Low costs

This is a more cost-effective way to reach your target market than traditional advertising methods. If managed properly, a digital campfire campaign can help you reach more people for less money than traditional methods such as printed or TV ads.

You can hire a professional to handle the strategy and technical implementation, but this can also be done without it. You can simply create a Facebook group or an official community that is accessible on your website. 

5. Increased loyalty

Consumers trust the judgment of their community on social media because they find it valid and useful. These tribal ties play a significant role in the growth opportunities of companies. The positive reinforcement through people who have used your products or services also ensures that customers stay loyal to your company and brand.

6. Customers feel valued

Interact with your audience with more relaxed two-way conversations that are personal and provide a constant stream of informative and relatable content. This brings long-term advantages that help build a community of people who regularly follow and interact with your content for updates.

7. Greater reach

When you keep creating moments of inspiration to take your consumers on a trip that will keep them buying, reading, and sharing for years to come, you build a strong customer base. Companies that can develop and execute content that consistently answers their questions and concerns at the right time along their journey to purchasing the product, will ultimately attract supporters who become torchbearers of your ‘digital campfires.’


These digital campfires can link us to the intimate grooming and nurturing processes that take place at the farm level, as well as draw attention to charitable causes across the value chain. This connection allows consumers to make better, heart-centered choices. It also gives the marketer a chance to work on customer relationship management and build appropriate strategies. Furthermore, it gives a deeper insight into what people think of products or services and may help to identify a marketable niche. Gaining knowledge about and facilitating digital campfires is essential if you want to connect with Gen Z audiences. Use social media marketing to create compelling posts that people will share, and create contention servers just for your brand.

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