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How to Check Zong Number? (Without any Cost)

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How to Check ZONG SIM Number (7 Methods)

If you have ZONG SIM and have forgotten the Mobile number, don’t worry, here we discussed 7 methods by which you can find your “Zong Number” easily.

Finding out the SIM Number is not a difficult task, there are serval ways which you can find out your Mobile SIM Number. But some users search in Google Search Engine that how to find out Zong Number. For such people, here are seven ways to find out the Zong Number in 2023.

How to Check Zong Number in 2023? (Expert Guide)

Here is the detail for checking Zong Number:

  • Find out via USSD Code
  • Check via Call
  • Check via SMS
  • From ZONG Official Website
  • By Calling (ZONG Helpline)
  • Via Phone
  • By Calling or text someone.

Find out via USSD Code

Follow the steps that are mentioned below then you will be able to find out your ZONG SIM Number via USSD Code:

  • Dial *100# on your phone dialer
  • After this, the USSD Code will be sent to your phone
  • Same there your ZONG SIM phone number will appear.

According to the latest code, just dial *100# and get updates about your personal Zong number. *100# code is the authentic and easiest method for checking Zong number in 2023.

Check SIM Number via Call

Checking SIM Number via call is similar to the first method, follow the instructions that are mentioned below:

  • Open the dialer and write *8#
  • Make sure you have ZONG SIM
  • While there your ZONG SIM Number will appear
  • This will be free of cost (You don’t need to pay for this)
  • Alternatively, you can also use the *2# code for checking Numbers.

Check via SMS

You can also find out the ZONG SIM Mobile number with the help of SMS, follow the steps:

  • Open the Messages tab
  • Send SMS with “MNP” text.

Once you have done this then the message will receive all SIM details such as SIM owner name, SIM number, and CNIC number.

From ZONG Official Website

You can also use Zong Official website for checking SIM numbers if you don’t use other methods that we mentioned above. Follow the instructions:

  • Open an official Zong Website
  • Click on the “Live Chat” button
  • Wait for the ZONG representative
  • You have to provide CNIC to the ZONG representative
  • They will verify and will share detail related to your registered ZONG Mobile Number.
From ZONG Official Website
Image via Zong (From Zong Official Website)

Make sure you provided correctly the all info, don’t share false info related to your identity. Otherwise, the ZONG representative will refuse to share SIM-related details.

By Calling (ZONG Helpline)

Dial 310 for contact with the ZONG Helpline, follow the instructions by the representative. Then you will be able to contact a ZONG representative on call.

  • Share info for identification (CNIC, Name, Mother Name)
  • Then a representative will share info related to your ZONG SIM.

Via Phone

Into the latest Apple devices or Android smartphones, you can easily find out your SIM number. Whether it’s your ZONG SIM or any other network, you can use this method for checking your SIM numbers.

  • Go into the “Mobile Settings
  • Click on “About Phone” (also find out by searching method)
  • Click on “Systems” in “About Phone
  • Check the “Status” (Find out SIM info)
  • There will be mentioned the “My Phone Number
  • Tap on it and the number will display

Note: Sometimes this method doesn’t work, it depends on your smartphone model.

By Calling or text someone

By calling or text to someone, the easiest method for finding the SIM Number. Just call or text a friend, your SIM number will show there. You can check it out. Make sure you have enough balance to calling or texting.

FAQs about Checking Zong number

How can I check my Zong number 2023?

Enter the *100# code on your mobile dial and get the latest update about your Zong number. Make sure you have Zong SIM and dial on it. *100# is an official code for checking the Zong number after the updates.

How can I check my Zong number through CNIC?

Just type ‘MNP’ and send it to 667, after this, you will get the latest and automatically update from 667 via text message.

Why would I want to check my Zong number?

You may need to check your Zong number for various reasons, such as when you’ve forgotten your number or when you want to confirm that you’ve been assigned a new number.

What is the USSD code to check Zong number?

USSD code to check your Zong number is *8#. Simply dial this code from your Zong SIM card, and your number will be displayed on your screen.

Can I check my Zong number for free?

Yes, checking your Zong number using the USSD code or the Zong app is free of charge. However, calling the Zong customer care helpline may incur standard call charges.

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