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How to Find Nearby WhatsApp Users in 2023? (5 Legal Ways)

by Asiya Kanwal
How to Find Nearby WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp is a popular social networking site used by numerous people across the world. This app has broad so many updates in the past few decades. The best feature of WhatsApp is its privacy measures that no other social site or app offers. It’s a secure app for people who don’t like to increase their social circle and bond with their special people or contacts.

But if you love socializing or you are a social person and want to contact more people besides your contact list on WhatsApp then there are a few ways that you can search your nearby WhatsApp users and contact them. This post will lead you to all those possible ways through which you can search or contact your nearby WhatsApp users and chat with them.

How to Find Nearby WhatsApp Users? (Expert Guide)

WhatsApp does not support searching people around you like Facebook does but still there few ways that help you to search for people on WhatsApp nearby you. This feature is also helpful for you in terms of business and you can also take your business to the next level by using this feature for business per motion.

Use Third-Party Apps:

There are certain third-party apps used to find out your nearby WhatsApp numbers on your android mobile device the popular app among them is WhatsApp Tracker. These apps are available on the google play store you can easily install them from there and use it for free. Here we will tell you about the WhatsApp Tracker app use.

  1. Visit Google Play Store from your mobile and search WhatsApp Tracker app there and download it from there.
  2. Now provide all your credential details in the given fields like name, contact information, gender, and country as well.
  3. Now as you enter your details you will see the location icon or tracker in the left bottom corner of the page with a red blinking icon. Click on it.
  4. As you click on the location icon the search will start for nearby WhatsApp numbers. And the list will be displayed soon with names as well. this process will take a few seconds.
  5. Now you can easily tab and start chatting with nearby WhatsApp contacts.

Note: These apps may violate your privacy because these third-party apps don’t have strong security and privacy measures.

Utilize Nearby WhatsApp Groups:

Like Facebook and other social media apps, WhatsApp also supports group features. People on WhatsApp create different kinds of groups like jobs, businesses, and mutual interests as well. if you want to increase your social circle using WhatsApp then you can also join groups that will help you socialize and in searching nearby WhatsApp users around you. Apart from that WhatsApp also launched the WA community feature which is actually a community group that has similar kinds of interests you can simply join these groups to increase your circle. A simple search on google the WA community and join them through the link provided.

  • Search for public WhatsApp groups in your local area on websites, social media platforms, or community forums.
  • Join these groups by clicking on the provided invitation links.
  • Introduce yourself to the group and engage in conversations to find other nearby users.

Create a Local WhatsApp Group:

You can also create a local WhatsApp group for adding more contacts. Follow the below guide:

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap “New group” and add a few local contacts you know.
  • Set a name and profile picture for the group that clearly indicates its purpose and location.
  • Share the group’s invite link on your social media profiles or local community forums to attract other nearby users.

Attend Local Events and Meetups:

Join local groups on social media platforms or community websites that organize events and meetups.

  • Attend these events and network with other attendees.
  • Exchange phone numbers and add new contacts to your WhatsApp.
  • Create or join existing WhatsApp groups related to the event or meetup to stay connected with nearby users you’ve met in person.

Leverage Local Online Communities:

Join local online communities, such as Facebook groups, Nextdoor, or Reddit, that focus on your area or specific interests.

  • Participate in discussions and share information or resources that may be of interest to local users.
  • Look for threads or posts where users are sharing their WhatsApp contact information or group invite links.
  • Add new contacts and join relevant groups to find and connect with nearby WhatsApp users.


How can I find my near WhatsApp contact?

There are different ways to connect with people around you but the easiest way is using a third-party app and joining similar interest people groups on WhatsApp.

Is it safe to use whats tracker?

Whats Tracker is a third-party app used to find or search nearby WhatsApp users by providing simply your details including location but this app may violate your privacy as it’s a third-party app. So if you want to use it then be careful.

How do nearby WhatsApp users help in business?

WhatsApp is also helpful in promoting your business. By searching for nearby users you can easily promote your business in your specific area and provide services locally to boost your business so they become your client.

Does WhatsApp have a built-in feature to find nearby users?

No, WhatsApp does not have a built-in feature to find nearby users. However, you can find nearby users through alternative methods such as joining or creating local WhatsApp groups, attending local events, using third-party apps, and participating in local online communities.

Is it safe to join public WhatsApp groups?

While joining public WhatsApp groups can help you find nearby users, it’s important to be cautious about the groups you join. Ensure the group’s purpose aligns with your interests, and be mindful of the information you share within the group to protect your privacy.

Are there any third-party apps to find nearby WhatsApp users?

Yes, there are third-party apps designed to help you find nearby WhatsApp users, such as “Find Friends” or “Nearby People” apps. However, always research the app’s safety

Final Verdict

Connecting with new people and increasing your social circle on WhatsApp is not an easy job because WhatsApp itself does not support such features. But you can contact your nearby WhatsApp users or people has the same interest through apps and groups. This post will help you to do so. I hope this article will be helpful and informative for you.

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