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How to Get Easypaisa IBAN Number in 2023? Ultimate Guide!

by Asiya Kanwal
Get Easypaisa IBAN Number

Telenor EasyPaisa account are no 1 Pakistan wallet account. This EasyPaisa account is used by numerous Pakistan citizens to make daily transactions pay bills, recharge their account, mobile load local bank transaction, and many more.

Apart from that these wallet accounts are now used for international transactions and for that, you need to provide an IBAN number. That stands for identifying bank accounts. It is used to make payments without any mistakes and all the transactions occur fastly.

This IBAN number is uniquely allotted to every account holder. You can say that it will be a unique number including country code in terms of mobile wallet. In case of a bank account, it will be different.

What is the Purpose of IBAN Number? Explain IBAN!

Bank accounts are usually used to send and receive money. IBAN is considered as an extra number related to your accounts. Normally if we made a transaction then we use account number. IBAN number is used to make transactions or payments on an international level.

This number will help overseas banks to correctly identify your account for payments. This is best way for freelancers and other people who made international transactions on daily basis.  

How to Get Easypaisa IBAN Number? Actionable Methods!

Apart from bank account mobile wallet account also has a uniquely identifying IBAN number that you can use to make payments.

If you are an Easypaisa wallet customer and want to check or get IBAN number, then here we will mention some step-by-step methods to know your account IBAN successfully. As well as also can find the JazzCash IBAN number easily:

Check IBAN by Using Easypaisa App:

For android and smartphone users EasyPaisa has launched an app that helps you to do many tasks and payments online. You can check you IBAN account number by using app.

  • Download and install EasyPaisa app from Google play store and launched an app in your mobile.
  • If you have already made EasyPaisa account, then login to your account by providing number and pin that you have created while creating account. If you don’t have an account, then first of all create account.
  • On the first page, you will see “My Account” tab click on it.
  • Now on next window choose “Account information” tab.
  • Now on top most, you will see your IBAN number for account along with other information like balance, level etc.
  • This is most easy way to check your IBAN for payments. All you need is just a smartphone and an internet connection.

Check IBAN by Code without Official App:

You can check your IBAN without having an app. This method does not require an app or internet connection. To check number through this, follow below steps.

  • Open your mobile dialer.
  • Dial *786# from your mobile dialer.
  • Now menu will be open on your mobile screen reply with 6 “My Account”.
  • Now reply with 4 “view account details”.
  • Now dial 5 to fetch IBAN.
  • After that enter your account security pin.
  • Your IBAN detail number will be show on your mobile screen you can take screenshot or note down it for later use.

NOTE: This is free method to use does not require balance.

Check IBAN by Using Helpline:

Above mentioned methods are used to know your EasyPaisa IBAN if you face any difficulty or issue then you can contact to customer representative to solve your issue for that you have to make call on helpline on 345.  Before that you must recharge your account. Charges will be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it IBAN and account number are same?

IBAN number is more detailed number than bank account. It is longer then bank account and can be used for international payment.

Can I get my Easypaisa account IBAN number over the phone?

Absolutely yes, just call on Easypaisa helpline at 3737 from your registered mobile number and request your IBAN number. You will be required to provide some personal information to verify your identity before your IBAN number is provided.

Is there a fee for obtaining my Easypaisa account IBAN number?

Never, you don’t need to pay any fee for obtaining your Easypaisa account IBAN number. You can get it for free via following methods discussed above!

Final Verdict

This article will guide how you can easily check and get your IBAN number on your EasyPaisa wallet account. There is a different method to get this number all of these methods is discussed above. You can check them and make payments anywhere around the world. Thanks for visiting.

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