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How to Get JazzCash IBAN Number in 2023? 100% Working Methods!

by Asiya Kanwal
Get JazzCash IBAN Number

JazzCash was previously known as Mobicash. JazzCash is Pakistan trusted mobile wallet account that is used to make transactions in thousands and millions. JazzCash is also used by freelancers and businesses for payments.

Recently JazzCash was approved for famous freelance website Fiverr. This leading website provides opportunities to many people across the globe so as in Pakistan. if you are freelancer and want to use JazzCash for cash withdrawals and payments then you must need an IBAN number.

This number is slightly different from bank account it is a combination of 34 digits including letters and numbers. It has 2 digits of country code and a basic account number. In order to get your JazzCash account IBAN number follow below procedure.

How to Get JazzCash IBAN Number? 3 Easy Methods!

If you are facing unable to find your IBAN number from your JazzCash account, then follow the three easy ways mentioned below:

Method #1: Through JazzCash App!

JazzCash app is available on Google Play Store for android users. It is free to use download and install an app.

  • Open JazzCash app login to your account and choose “Payoneer” (international payment platform).
  • After that choose “New Payoneer” to create Payoneer account.
  • Provide all necessary information name, email id, and DOB, and then press next button.
  • Now new window will open requiring your further details like country, street, zip code etc. then press next.
  • In last create password, security questions, name etc, and press next.
  • Now you will see your IBAN number save this number for later use.

Method #2: Through JazzCash Email Service!

If you don’t have JazzCash app and don’t have any idea to navigate JazzCash app then there are many other ways to know the IBAN number of your JazzCash wallet.

JazzCash has provided their official complaint email address to solve your problems or issues. You can send mail to this email address to get your account IBAN.

  • Write an email to ask them to send your IBAN number by providing all your details and send mail to [email protected]
  • After verification and detail, you will get your IBAN number within a day or after two days.

Method #3: Through Helpline!

If you don’t have an internet connection or don’t have an Android mobile, then you can also get your IBAN by making a call to Jazz Cash helpline.

There are two helpline numbers for different customers one for JAZZ users and the other for non-JAZZ user.

  • If you are JAZZ customer, then make a call on 4444 from your JAZZ number and ask JAZZ representative to send you your IBAN.
  • If you are non- JAZZ customer as JAZZ provide service to their customer to create JazzCash account on other network SIM, then dial 021-111-124-444.
  • Through this call you will connect to customer representative they will ask you few question for verification.
  • After that, they provide you your JazzCash account IBAN number.

Note: This is paid service you will only connect to a customer representative when you have enough balance to make call.

Most Asked Questions!

What is JazzCash IBAN number?

JazzCash IBAN number is a unique International Bank Account Number (IBAN) that is used to identify bank accounts of JazzCash customers for international transactions.

Is there any fee for getting JazzCash IBAN number?

Absolutely not, you don’t need to pay any fee for getting JazzCash IBAN number. It’s totally free service that is provided by JazzCash to its customers.

How long IBAN number is?

IBAN number is 34 digit long unique number containing numbers and letters along with country code.

Can I use my JazzCash mobile number as my IBAN number?

Absolutely No, you can’t use your JazzCash mobile number as your IBAN number. You need to have a separate IBAN number for your JazzCash account. You can follow the below methods to find IBAN number.

Can I use JazzCash IBAN number for local transactions?

No, this is only used for international transactions. For local transactions, you can use your JazzCash account number as usually.

Final Words

If you want to check and want to know your JazzCash IBAN number, then this article will lead you to know IBAN. Here we describe different methods step-by-step to get JazzCash IBAN. You can try one of them and make transactions within and outside Pakistan. I hope this article will be knowledgeable for you. thanks for visiting.

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