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How to Unsub ZONG Islamic Service? A Quick and Easy Guide!

by Asiya Kanwal
Unsub ZONG Islamic Service

ZONG mobile network is Pakistan’s second-largest mobile network. That is founded 14 years ago. ZONG is the fastest Pakistan network. This network is not just brilliant in calls and other connectivity services but also provide other services to its customer.

One of the services that we will talk about is ZONG Islamic service. ZONG provides broad content related to Islam through Islamic service. You can check all Islamic content after making a subscription to this service. This is paid service and you have to pay for it on a daily or monthly basis depending upon your subscription.

In this article, we will tell you about how you can activate and deactivate ZONG Islamic service or unsub to ZONG Islamic service by following few methods.

How to Unsub ZONG Islamic Service in Minutes?

If you don’t want to continue your Islamic service and want to unsub or deductive it then below method can used to unsub ZONG Islamic service.

Method #1: Using SMS code!

First method is about SMS, by sending massage to ZONG service you can unsub to this offer.

  • Go to your message section on your mobile.
  • Write “unsub” in typing section.
  • Now send this message on ‘7867’.

After that in few seconds you will receive a confirmation msg. this is paid method you must have a balance in your account.

Method #2: Using ZONG App!

ZONG has its official app on Google play store.  Download and install ZONG app.

  • Login to ZONG account on ZONG app.
  • Now go to “more option” section and click on it.
  • Here you will see package section. Select this option.
  • All packages will be mentioned there choose an Islamic service package.
  • On next window click on “unsubscribe” tab.

Now you will be successfully unsub to Islamic offer.

Method #3: Using helpline!

You can also make call to ZONG helpline center to get information and unsub your offer. If you are ZONG customer, then make call on 310 from your ZONG number follow the menu and connect to a representative to unsub your Islamic service.

It is paid method to unsub ZONG offer if you do not have sufficient balance then dial 051-111-222-111 from any other network and ask them to unsub your Islamic service and also provide your number detail.

What Include in ZONG Islamic Offer?

ZONG Islamic covers all Islamic-related content you can use it to increase your Islamic knowledge. It includes namaz alerts, Ayat, Ahadees, Ramzan recipes, Namaz timing, pillars of Islam, etc. for subscription send msg “sub” on 7867.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for ZONG Islamic service?

Offer charges depend upon your subscription different Islamic offers have different charges like: #1: Daily subscription is RS 3+Tax, #2: Monthly subscription charges are RS 25+T/month, #3: IVR charges include RS 0.20+Tax.

How do I unsubscribe from ZONG Islamic Service?

To unsubscribe from ZONG Islamic Service, simply send an SMS on 7867 with the word “Unsub“.

Can I unsubscribe from ZONG Islamic Service through SMS?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from ZONG Islamic Service by sending an SMS with word “Unsub” to the number provided in the service message.

Final Words

ZONG Islamic service provides knowledge about different Islamic aspects. You learn and increase your knowledge on daily basis after subscription if you want to unsub your ZONG Islamic offer then this article is a complete guide for you. You can unsub to Islamic offers by following above methods. I hope this article will be knowledgeable for you. Thanks for visiting.

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