How videos can boost your Website SEO (6 Amazing Tips)

How videos can boost your Website SEO (6 Amazing Tips)

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A lot of marketers have realized that ranking the website at the top of search results is one of the most challenging tasks. Indeed, it’s difficult, but I believe that it just needs high-quality content that further attracts the visitors towards the site and inspires them to stay on it for longer. 

As we are talking about engaging and high-quality content, that’s where video content comes into the picture. You probably might have seen the growth of videos on different social platforms. 

Around 90% of the companies are leveraging the power of videos to increase the number of visitors, boost conversions and increase SEO. 

Videos are a good reason to boost sales and improve your SEO efforts. Although the idea of producing video content seems like a nice thought, some believe it is a challenging task. Need not worry! There are various video production companies that can help you in creating excellent content without breaking the banks. 

If you are still pondering how video content can improve your website SEO, this article will hopefully clear all your queries. 

6 Tips to improve your website SEO with videos

Let’s begin…. 

Google loves video 

When we talk about improving SEO, then Google algorithms play a huge role. According to Google’s internal algorithms, websites that include videos have more chances to be at the top of search results.  

Always remember quality and relevance are two things that both people and Google value. Text is not the only thing that is scanned by people. Google sees various types of media to improve page rankings. 

Thus, if you want your site to be highly productive, you need to add quality visuals and informative content. Better the information, the stronger the SEO. 

Drive traffic to your site

It would not be wrong to consider videos as a traffic-generating machine. According to the research, it is found that videos increase 157% organic traffic from search engine results pages. 

As videos are both entertaining and informative, therefore people get more attracted to the visual content. If your site has a massive amount of visitors, then the probability of ranking a website at the top of the search engines increases. More the traffic, the better the SEO.

Thus, if you want to give an overall boost to your SEO, then make sure you draw quality traffic to your site, and probably videos are the best way to do that. 

Retain visitors for longer

Making people stay on your site for longer is one of the most challenging tasks. Also, search engines like Google also pay huge attention to evaluating the number of times people stay on a particular website. 

Videos are constantly keeping people towards their site and retaining them for longer. People are more likely to see a video as it’s easy to understand and appealing. 

Always keep a note that the more people spend time on your website, the easier it becomes to rank higher on Google. So, start bringing a boost to your rankings by adding excellent animated videos to your site. 

Video SEO boost conversions

The role of SEO is not just to increase the rankings but also helps in increasing sales and revenue. Having an accurate video on your website will not only attract visitors but also makes it easy to convert them into potential customers. 

Due to this benefit, many companies are using videos on their landing pages so that people get more engaged and make purchases. Thus, if your website landing page does not have a video, then get it done now! 

Increase click-through rate

Just think for a moment; whenever you search a query on your site, then you get a lot of relevant options on your site. You probably click the post that is more appealing and includes videos on it. More the clicks, the higher the chances that Google will rank it higher. 

If your website has a video, then you can drive more traffic to your site, which will increase the click-through rate. Google updates its SERPs on the basis of click-through rate. So, if you also want to see engagement, then prefer adding eye-catching thumbnails so that you can easily increase your chances of getting ranked at the top. 

Videos are highly shareable

Videos have more probability of getting shared. You can not only add a video to your site but also can be promoted on different social platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. Videos have more chances to get shared as it can be done easily. 

The more people share your content, the higher the chances that it will be viewed by the audience. Google also considers the number of likes and shares on the content while ranking it on the search engines. Yes! There is a very strong bond between the shares and positions in search engines. 

So, if you can afford to make a video, then you can also get in touch with video production companies. 

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The Final Say 

The popularity of appealing videos is increasing day by day. It not only builds strong relationships with the audience but also improves your SEO. 

Hopefully, the above points will help you understand why brands are putting more focus on creating animated explainer videos. Thus, if you want to gain meaningful results, then leverage the power of videos and convince your viewers into customers. 

Still, if you still have any second thoughts, do share in the comment section added below. 

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