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Impact of Technology On Sports

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Impact of Technology On Sports

The sports industry is one of the biggest markets in the world, with trillions of dollars circulating in the system. The best part about it is that it’s ever-growing. Many technologies have become an integral part of the industry, like data analytics, performance measurement, etc. The objective of tech is to improve human effort and help them in making better decisions.

Wearables, fitness apps, software, and different equipment are all part of this movement. The evolution of the sports industry is inevitable. Similarly, below you will find key technological advancements in the sports industry.

Wearables and sensors

What started as a reading pulse device, wearable has become more than that. Its functionality is diverse. From smart glasses to sensor motion shoes, these innovations are helping athletes to enhance their performances.

Tech aims to bring change. These devices are beneficial in reading important metrics. Teams and individuals can monitor their muscle coordination, track speed, and analyze performance in real-time.

How is it benefiting sports?


When sensors and wearables are attached to an athlete’s body, they can measure almost everything -The metrics such as heart rate, temperature, hydration level, state of breathing, etc.

Once data is collected, trainers can easily determine in which area the athlete needs improvement. Since every athlete has unique abilities and performs accordingly, a customized analysis is far more effective than a standard plan.

Athletic movement

Watching an athlete perform and making a judgment count for guesswork. What it does is it increases the chances of injury. Collecting data, analyzing it, and then creating a plan leads to improvement.

Instead of observation, technology has enabled us to make informed decisions and eliminate human error. It creates a digital code for becoming a super athlete. Tech has magnified performance-related actions and problems which were unseen.

For instance, swimmers and divers are involved in highly technical sports and use sensors in their practices. The sensors track more than just time and effort when swimming or diving. Movements such as rotation speed, dive angle, leg motion, and hydrodynamics are mapped. This kind of observation allows trainers to help athletes to perfect their movements.

Reducing injuries

The number of matches has increased significantly over the past few years. Sports is becoming a viable business. For an athlete, it’s important to take care of their body. Injuries are part and parcel of the game. One cannot eliminate them but can reduce them.

Using data analytics and performance measurements, trainers can gain more knowledge. One can monitor the response of a body, its energy levels, how a diet performs, and the effects of a disturbed sleep cycle. After extracting all the data from sensors, trainers can devise training plans for maximum results. While doing so, they can prevent fatigue and reduce unwanted injuries.

Is Esports the next big thing?

Due to technology, an entirely new industry has emerged. It’s the fastest growing industry while introducing innovations. AR and VR are the latest and have transformed the esports industry. They give a real-life experience of a sport.

Esports has opened other opportunities as well. Once tech gets involved, things become accessible. Likewise, sports betting online is one of its by-products. From FIFA to F1 and shooting games, there will be something for everyone, and the demand for esports will skyrocket.

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