Is BenQ GW2760HL Good for Eye Protection

Is BenQ GW2760HL Good for Eye Protection?


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BenQ GW2760HL combines a high-contrast AMVA panel with a technology called ‘Color Shift-free‘. This improves viewing angles and color consistency at different points on the screen, and in theory, makes things a little bit closer to IPS in this regard. In this review, we’ll apply this exciting and novel display to a variety of games, movies, and other tests and see if it lives up to the hype.

About BenQ GW2760HL

The BenQ GW2760HL has been in the pipeline for a very long time, with a welcome release with seemingly endless delays. On paper, it sets itself apart from other monitors by offering a ‘flicker-free backlight and an interesting technology that BenQ calls ‘no color shift’. Despite the delays, this monitor delivered on its promise and in many respects provided one of the most impressive image performances I’ve ever seen with a VA panel monitor.

The backlight of the monitor is not really PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) regulated. That is, no ‘flicker’ occurs. Some users are sensitive to this and others want to know that the backlight doesn’t flicker. The most impressive and innovative feature you’ll find on this monitor is the ‘Color Shift Free’ technology that has delivered on its promise. The contrast on this monitor is already strong, and the ‘semi-gloss screen surface shows off clean whites and bright colors as well as blacks.

However, a good side effect of the improved viewing angle performance was the reduction in general VA gamma shift characteristics. There is a common problem with VA panels, which some people call ‘black crush’. Closer black shades are more visible when viewed from an angle than when looking at the screen from the front. This was to some extent with the BenQ but reduced compared to ‘normal’ VA panels. That’s a really good thing because it makes the strong contrast performance more meaningful.

Let’s have a look at the Benq GW2760H review, we will tell you each and everything about this monitor.

  1. Design

The front of the monitor has a lot of glossy plastic on both the stand and the bezel. The bezel itself is very thin, especially on the sides (9mm or 0.35 inches) and top (10mm or 0.39 inches). The bottom bezel is 16mm (0.63 inches) thick and has a dim green power LED with a power symbol going through five dots to indicate the location of the controls.

The power LED hangs from the bottom of the bezel and isn’t bright enough to distract attention, even in a dark room. If you look at the fairly well-defined outlines in the picture below, you can see that a very bright matte (‘semi-gloss) screen surface helps maintain a good level of clarity and vibrancy.

  1. Quality

The Benq GW2760HL has good picture quality. Full HD resolutions are the most common on monitors and not bad. Of course, it doesn’t compare to QHD or 4K resolution. The contrast ratio is very good so you can see strong colors which can be useful when playing games. The Benq GW2760HL also has a good response time that makes this monitor suitable for gaming.

However, this monitor is not specifically designed for gaming. So, if you only play games, then you should choose a monitor for gaming. I give 4/5 points for the Benq GW2760HL review part of the picture quality.

  1. Features

The Benq GW2760HL doesn’t have too many features, but it has the most essential ones. Especially when you turn on the AMA option, it has flicker-free technology that makes your photos run smoothly on the screen. It also has all the essential connectivity and built-in speakers.

In addition, there is less blue light, so the eyes are not tired, this is the best computer monitor for reading the text I would give 4.6 points for Benq GW2760HL review feature part.

  1. Price

The review price of the Benq GW2760HL is $160, which is a very good price. We would give it 4.8 points for the Benq GW2760HL review part of the price.

Conclusion-BenQ GW2760HL

The BenQ GW2760HL is best for Eye Protection. If you want to protect your eyes you should get this monitor.


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