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Learn English with Pictures: 30+ Useful Words

by Team Techager
Learn English with Pictures 30+ Useful Words

Learning English is now an everyday need. We can start easy and go with day by day progress. Today we will discuss learning new words. On the whole, there are two types of learners, people who learn new words easily and people who have a hard time learning new words. The first group of learners is more than the second one. They learn new words with ease.

If you want to learn new words, then you should have a better understanding. You have to start learning with the basic words in regular use. It’s not possible to learn new words if you don’t know the meaning and pronunciation. It’s also important that you know the meaning of the word before you start learning it.

There are many methods of learning English, here you have to go through some common learning process. You can follow then, if you have complication from Korean to English then you can go to AmazingTalker and try with 화상영어. There are many other ways to learn English from Korea, here in Busan you can try with 부산영어학원 and start your English journey with native tutors. The most amazing thing from this platform is to have native tutors and get the proper guidelines from them. 

Most Common words we need in our daily use

We need words everyday to talk and write. But what kind of words do we need? There are some common everyday needed words. Here we will learn the common words we need everyday. 

In this situation, we need words to talk with people. We need words to talk with our friends or family. We need words to talk with our colleagues or boss. We need words to talk with our teachers. We need words to talk with our parents. We need words to talk with our classmates. We need words to talk with our neighbors. We need words to talk with our relatives.

Words can help us to communicate. Words can make us happy or sad. Words can be positive or negative. Words can be useful or useless. Words can be useful to express our feelings or thoughts. Words can be useful to express our ideas or knowledge. Words can be useful to express our opinions.

Everyday we need clothes for different purposes. Here we will talk about some common clothes related words for easy words. 

Clothes are the items which are used to cover our body. We can say that a man is incomplete without his clothes. He cannot move properly without his clothes. But, what are the types of clothes?

The most common Cloth related words are:

  • Shirt 
  • T -Shirt
  • Trouser
  • Skirt
  • Tops
  • Suit
  • Cap
  • Overcoat
  • Polo
  • Socks

We generally travel to places and need to know the names nearby us, so city names are very important. But we can’t find the names of the cities nearby us. If you want to find out the names of the cities nearby us, then you should use Google Earth.

When we go to a new place, we have to know how to get there. We can’t just take a taxi or walk. We should know how to get to our house.

Here are some popular city name in Busan:

  • Haeundae-gu
  • Nam-gu
  • Dongnae-gu
  • Geumjeon-gu
  • Yeong-gu
  • Saha-gu
  • Gijang-gun
  • Busanjin-gu
  • Yeonje-gu

Examples of 20 Advanced words with pictures

Food items are related to our everyday life, we need to eat and buy foods. So, here we will learn some food names today. 

Food items have different kinds of ingredients like sugar, salt, milk, oil, etc. Food items are used for cooking, eating and other purposes. Some food items are not edible by humans. But they are eaten by animals and insects.

Some food items are made from vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, dairy products, and grains.

  • Egg
  • Read Meat
  • Mutton
  • Milk
  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Broccoli
  • Beans
  • Crab
  • Salmon

Money is related to every part of our Life. It is not easy to lead life without money so today we will learn some financial terms that we need everyday. 

But, they don’t have enough money to spend on their daily needs. So, they are facing problems in paying their bills and meeting their daily expenses.

It is not easy to lead life without money. So, it is better to learn about money and its terms.

  • Euro
  • Pound
  • Debt
  • Gross
  • Liter
  • Weight
  • LC
  • Loan
  • Forex
  • Bank

Learn Online English with AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is an easy to use platform where you can hire a native tutor at an affordable price. It is easy to hire  one and schedule a class with the tutor. It will be the best method to learn English here. 

You can choose your favorite teacher and schedule a class. You can schedule your classes with the tutor and you can chat with them before scheduling. This platform is very user-friendly.

Final Words

It is never late to start learning English. You can use AmazingTalker and start your journey from today. Start your first tutor with AmazingTalker. Let’s Check it out

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