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Top Five Housing Societies in Islamabad

by Team Techager
Top Five Housing Societies in Islamabad


The most stunning of our nation’s capital is well known because of its soothing and refreshing environment. Their majestic mountains, state-of-the-art infrastructure, mesmerizing cheerful picnic points, and the place of grand lavish housing societies. 

Moreover, Islamabad is famous for being the best residential place in Pakistan. It considers a Pakistani resident’s top priority city to build their home in this serene place because of its massive selection of amenities, facilities, and ambiance. 

These new housing societies in Islamabad have proven to offer the chance to build their ideal home in your desired place. Nowadays, Pakistan has overturned how the living standard becomes more versatile and fantastic. 

As Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, its development procedures and approval of societies are managed by the Capital Development Authority. Whereas the current status of the real estate emerges on a large scale in Islamabad territory as the provision of best investment opportunities. Various housing societies in Islamabad enhance the aesthetic vibe of Islamabad successfully. 

The top-notch living standard in this federal capital presents itself as high quality of life. Brownstone will help you to figure out the best housing societies in Islamabad. We will provide you with every detail about Islamabad’s legal and authentic housing societies. The development ventures of stunning communities with large-scale housing plots have changed the prognosis of property in Pakistan. 

Why are these housing schemes rapidly emerging in Islamabad?

Every residential and commercial-based housing scheme is much more focused on its significant needs. They will provide a high-quality living standard together with incredible and luxurious amenities, with spacious posh. 

The professional engineers who design these great layouts are a few aspects to specify the magnificent luxury homes in these housing societies. The ultra-advanced features with mesmerizing amenities, the aesthetic location, breathtaking views, and greenery declared this city the world most 2nd beautiful city after Paris. 

After this, with the expansion of these housing societies, the population became increased and more crowded. But the goal of these residential housing societies is to offer low cost-effective housing schemes to families and investors seeking affordable payment plans but well-designed and classified houses.

The venture of the Islamabad housing schemes is often eco-conscious layouts and modules, which has been a foremost ethic for using adequate energy. 

Along with this, we discuss Islamabad’s top five housing societies, according to our reliable sources and thorough assessment, providing a high-quality status and standard, fascinating lifestyle that are worth enough for investment purposes. 

With the excellent establishment of successful projects, there are several best societies in Islamabad that offer the best investment plans in Islamabad. RDA and CDA approve all these societies. The legal and authenticity of any residential area is a first and foremost ethic. This city, because of its breathtaking view and peaceful environment considered the best place to live in Islamabad. The development process of societies is going rapidly with the provision of every facility and high-tech ambiance. These societies offer the best affordable payments plan with easy installment packages. 

These societies are trustworthy and reliable and get fame for their professional architecture and unique layout work. Here we discuss Islamabad’s top five housing societies, which will lead to more success in the future. Moreover, the newly emerging societies also establish their vital steps against the earlier housing society and develop ultra-advanced techniques with cost-effective exceptional facilities. 

Somehow, regarding the issues about the NOC approval and illegal societies, the RDA provides a list of legal housing societies in Islamabad to tackle these situations. Indeed, once peoples think about investing, they should know the legalization and consequence that the place should be scam-free or without any fear of deceit. 

Besides all these facts, we present Islamabad’s first five top-notch and magnificent CDA-approved societies. These are enough to provide the best meticulous facilities and amenities at these exceptional prices. 

Enlist here the best housing schemes in Islamabad:

  1. Blue world City 
  2. Capital Smart City 
  3. Parkview city 
  4. Nova city 
  5. Pearl square Residency

Blue World City:

A blue world city is the first magnificent housing society being designed and assembled in collaboration with Pakistan and China. It is the most anesthetic, elite lodging society in Islamabad. It is presented as a massive project by the Blue Group of companies with the well-known China Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company. Its prime location is adjacent to the Chakri Interchange and has close access to the well-constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road. 

The BWC is the most affordable option for all, especially for those who want the best standard lifestyle. They provide accessibilities such as online file verification, online enrollment certificates, and online installments; furthermore, you can quickly check the current application status. BWC seems the perfect and outstanding place for living, doing business, or buying for future investment purposes. They offer both commercial and residential plots of distinct sizes. You may select the one on your required demands. 

Significantly, the demands of BWC society are increasing day by day. It’s become the grand and dwelling investment hub for all, especially foreign investors. It becomes the investor’s prior choice, packed with all amenities with low, cost-effective payment plans. It’s the best location for you from all enriched aspects where nothing is unreachable. Live innovatively and distinctly where you all enjoy the best-ever facilities with magnificent amenities. 

Facilities & lavish amenities:

  • Identified Gate Entry system
  • Wide carpeted road and infrastructure
  • Provision of public transport 
  • Free zone load-shedding environment 
  • Security measures 24/7 
  • Mini Golf Club & Adventure, Entertainment 
  • Grand Mosques 
  • Condition of all essential utilities 24/7 
  • Resource Management 

Capital Smart City:

CSC is considered the impending sensation for an excellent lifestyle standard in Pakistan. The smart capital city lies on the 4th number in Asia as Pakistan’s first comprehensive and indigenous city. This housing society has plenty of smart features to fulfill the speculations of its occupants; it seems the perfect place for both the buyers and investors, the best utmost calm, and peaceful place in Islamabad. This capital smart city NOC is already approved by the respective RDA. Many new housing societies in Islamabad might not have received their NOC yet. Its ideal smart city is located near the Thalian Interchange onto M-2 Lahore -Islamabad highway. 

Additionally, this smart society is placed in the natural surroundings, including the woods, rivers, and hills, and the mesmerizing views become the investor’s first choice. 

Facilities and lavish amenities:

  • Sport complex
  • Lavish Hotels
  • Facial identification and CCTV cameras
  • Power supply 24/7 
  • Eco-friendly environment 
  • Underground power supply lines
  • BRT system in society
  • Smart apps for weather, electricity, internet
  • Mosques and parks 
  • Crystals lakes 
  • 18-Hole Golf Club
  • Safety measures 24/7 
  • Drainage and sewerage system 
  • Self-sustainability   
  • Residential and Commercial Choice

Park View City:

The ideal place to live in your best destination is the Park view city of Islamabad. The place where your dreams come true. The society offers a wide range of residential; plots, apartments, and villas. 

This project is in the prime location of Islamabad; just a few minutes’   drive from Srinagar Highway. The society is located in the most relaxing place, close to the natural beauty and surrounded by the captivating Bani Gala Hills. 

The Vision Group holds the grand lavish project. It has become Islamabad’s most desirable project where everyone wants to live an ideal lifestyle. The well-renowned person who owned this project by Aleem Khan honorable member of PTI. 

Moreover, the NOC of park view city will soon be considered the CDA-approved housing society. It is becoming one of the most demanded housing societies in Islamabad. It aims to deliver an international-based living standard to its residents by providing high-quality amenities and facilities. 

Facilities and amenities:

  • Commercial walk 
  • Recreational areas and parks
  • Imax cinemas
  • Educational sectors 
  • Hospitals & Health care centers
  • Grand Mosque 
  • Electricity, Gas, and water 24/7
  • Gated community 
  • Load shedding free zone
  • Surveillance 24/7 
  • Modern infrastructure with elegant housing plans 
  • Art and craft development 

Nova City:

Nova city is the new emerging housing society being developed in the beautiful capitals of Pakistan. This contemporary housing society aims to provide a modern and luxurious lifestyle. The ideal location for this city is nearly planned in Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC corridor. The nova city location is easily approachable and is also included in the list of housing societies near the new Islamabad Airport.  

Nova city developers are well-known owners and developers of Nova City. The company gained fame because of its high-quality infrastructure, especially in real estate projects. Earlier on, they established the Nova City School System and many other feasibilities that will make the residential living standard more upgraded. 

Facilities and Amenities:

  • 24/7 availability of Power, water, and natural Gas
  • Grand Jamia Masjid
  • Gated community with a high-security system 
  • Recreational facilities and lush green parks
  • Fully equipped Hospital 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Commercial Hubs and shopping malls

Pearl square Residency:

This magnificent pearl square residency establishes the best example of living a high living standard in Islamabad. Its soothing natural environment and scenic views make this place calm and peaceful. The project aims to provide fantastic facilities with quick access to a gym, a children’s play area, and cutting-edge security that will make you feel safe and secure. 

The peaceful location of this residencia is situated near the Bahria lifestyle, Block A Islamabad. Its map is accessible to approachable. They offer grand luxurious apartments on easy, affordable installment plans. These are airy, great lounging spacious with trendy interiors. 

Facilities and amenities:

  • Gated Community
  • Wide Carpeted Road 
  • Grand Mosque
  • Recreational Parks 
  • Medical facilities and health care centers
  • Waste disposal system 
  • Eco-friendly environments
  • Educational institutes

Here is the list of housing societies that is near to new Islamabad Airport:

  1. Blue world city
  2. Capital smart city 
  3. Nova City
  4. Eighteen Islamabad
  5. Fazaia Housing Scheme 

All these societies are placed near the new Islamabad Airport; its strategic location increases its market demands. It has the reputation of being affordable with huge and luxurious benefits. 


The demand for living homes is snowballing at the peak rate in Islamabad. These top five best housing societies offer the ideal living standard in the nation’s capital city. Furthermore, all those who wish to build a home there are in awe of rapid development in a safe and sound environment. We recommend our readers for prior research before investing their hard-earned investment in getting a high profit but being aware that not all societies always guarantee safe investment. 

For the best investment advice, just contact us at our reliable Brownstone marketing office; for the best concerns about the real estate’s best-featured project, contact us through our website or feel free to call us. Brownstone marketing is a secure and safe place for your property concern. We will surely guide you with all the land property and the different projects of respective societies. 

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