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Let’s Talk About The Movie – I Am Thinking Of Ending Things

by Team Techager
Let's Talk About The Movie - I Am Thinking Of Ending Things

Before talking about the existential film, I Am Thinking Of Ending Things, why don’t you check out the table below for basic information on the movie?

GenreHorror, Thriller, and Mystery
Original LanguageEnglish
DirectorCharlie Kaufman
ProducerRobert Salerno, Charlie Kaufman, Stefanie Azpiazu, and Anthony Bregman
WriterCharlie Kaufman
Release Date4th September 2022
Run Time2 hours, 14 minutes
Sound MixDolby Digital
CastJesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, Toni Collette, David Thewlis, Guy Boyd, and Abby Quinn

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you can always check it out on Netflix, or download the same from the official website of the pirate bay.in! For now, keep reading to find out a little about this existential piece of cinema. 

I Am Thinking Of Ending Things: A Review

“It’s Why I like road trips,” says a driver to this girl who’s accompanying him on a journey through the icy highway – the man keeps talking. It almost feels like a man is actually behind the driving wheel mumbling thoughts out loud. An adaptation of Iain Reid’s famous novel, I Am Thinking Of Ending Things, is all about the instability of the narrator’s reality. 

There’s, of course, a storyline that’s very complicated – after the boy meets the girl, he takes the girl to meet his parents, things start falling apart, and the centre just doesn’t hold suddenly. This is the part where Kaufman asks his audience to dive deeper into the facets of mortality, misery, and memory.

Somehow in the middle of so many shifting timeframes and perspectives, as well as blurring lines, the film somehow manages to simply move you into unexpected tears, leaving you unmoored and bewildered. Yes, the film starts with this road trip, but at the same time, it becomes a simple product of living n a world that’s located both outside and inside one’s head. 

The road trip is the audience’s opportunity to know more about the two characters and then pick up on the respective rhythms of the two actors. Much like the trailer, the first 22 minutes highlight how the relationship has seemed to run its course, and now a breakup might just be inevitable. 

Things start to seem odd when Jake’s parents are introduced. They even say something along the lines of how you can perhaps never go back home again. All the awkward silences, inappropriate jokes and the whole way-too-intense laughter might just make you understand why Jake appears to be so messed up.

In fact, for the longest time, the movie appeared to be a romantic dramedy or even a horror flick, but that’s not true – instead, we come across this familial psychodrama in the midst of a seemingly romantic comedy. There’s something eerie about the storyline from the very beginning – you almost believe the reality portrayed in the movie 

I Am Thinking Of Ending Things: Reviews By Critics

Check out a few of the reviews on I Am Thinking Of Ending Things by well-known critics in the movie industry! 

  1. Charles Bramesco in the Inside Hook said, “The mindbending auteur’s latest film feels like a culmination of all that came before it.”
  2. Adam Nayman in The Ringer said, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things doesn’t just dramatize this condition but embodies it through Kaufman’s daringly divergent interpretation of Iain Reid’s source novel-the most idiosyncratic literary adaptation since Adaptation”
  3. Nick Schager in the Esquire Magazine said, “It’s a masterwork of unhinged tone, as well as a showcase for Buckley, whose grand performance covers an expansive stretch of emotional terrain.”
  4. Radheyan Simonpillai, in the NOW Toronto, said, “Charlie Kaufman writes movies about getting lost in people’s heads. His adaptation of Canadian author Iain Reid’s surrealist novel about about a woman going on a road trip to meet her boyfriend’s parents might be the purest expression of that.”
  5. Clarisse Loughrey in the Independent (UK) said, “If there is hope to be found, it’s in Buckley’s lopsided smile – the trademark of an actor who’s shown herself capable of unearthing fathomless empathy.”

Watching I Am Thinking Of Ending Things: An Existential Journey Of Love

Charlie Kaufman is not a big fan of talking about his films with the movie of explaining how the movie ends. The director actually believes in people having their own set of experiences without any expectations of what people will think about in the process. Kaufman even said, “I really do support anybody’s interpretation!”

What did you think about the movie thought? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below. 

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