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ONIC: New Network Launched in Pakistan

by Asiya Kanwal
ONIC New Network Launched in Pakistan

In this Pakistan last telecom company launch is ZONG. After that, no new company has come to market. Now basically four networks are working in Pakistan ZONG, Telenor, JAZZ, and Ufone. Now in Pakistan, a new telecom network is ready for launch in this independence month. “ONIC” is a new network that is going to be launched on 14 August 2023.

Short Details:

  • Launch date 14 August.
  • Physical SIMs are available now.
  • E-SIM is in the launch.
  • Android app is available.
  • SIM price is RS 100 and 150.
  • Online order SIM is available.

ONIC SIM: Complete Overview!

ONIC SIM is Pakistan’s first digital telco network. This network claims the fastest and quickest service. Although its physical SIMs are available and delivered in Pakistan its e-SIMs are not launched yet and it is going to launch on 14 August. It is going to be a popular network as it has low prices compared to other networks and it will be the best competitor for all other networks. People are waiting for its digital/ e-SIMs as other network packages’ price is quite higher than the ONIC network.

Price detail of ONIC network:

For every new brand and company who are ready for its launch in the market price tag is always important. All brands and companies decide prices according to that region’s people’s wealth and considering the economy. ONIC does the same. As compared to other network SIMs cards. ONIC SIM cards are available at very cheap prices which around RS 100 from a website and 150 from retailers. This cost-effective plan will make it a favorite among the people of Pakistan.

ONIC SIM code details:

Every network has a particular code for their network identity like for Telenor telecom network SIM code is 0340. Similarly, this network has also a serial code that is 0339. It is the identification of this network among all other networks.

How Does ONIC SIM Network Works?

As this network is still in the developing stage and has not yet fully launched for its customer. Every new network company which does not fully launch uses other network services in that particular region. From a review of some customers, we came to know that this network uses Ufone service till now for their connectivity and also the network speed is resembling the Ufone network. However, this network claims to have the fastest and Pakistan’s first digital network.

How to Purchase ONIC SIM in Pakistan?

There are two ways to buy/purchase ONIC SIM in Pakistan. you can use one of these ways according to your convenience.

Buying SIM online:

  • For ordering ONIC SIM online you have to visit its official website on your browser by Simply typing ONIC SIM Pakistan.
  • There is a different plan for customers available you can choose according to your requirement. ONIC has the best talk time offers, data packages, and SMS offers as well. choose which one suits you the best.
  • Now you have to fill out the order form available on the website. Click on the online order form and fill in all the information fields required. Make sure you have provided accurate information and it is necessary to enter the email address that you are using on the google play store.
  • After filling order form now it’s time to make a payment. Choose a valid and suitable method for payment as it has many payment gateways like debit and credit cards etc.
  • It’s all done now it will take 2 to 3 working days or depending on your location and enjoy Pakistan’s first digital network.

Buying from Retailer.

  • You can also buy your ONIC SIM card from your nearest retail shop and also can register yourself by providing details and a biometric procedure.

How to Use ONIC Mobile App?

  • ONIC mobile app is available now on the play store for their customer. But only Karachi and Lahore citizens are able to download and use this app as it is not yet available all over Pakistan.
  • To download the ONIC app visit the google play store from your Android phone as it is only available for Android users and thus it is not compatible with all devices.
  • On the search bar type ONIC mobile app and download the app on your mobile. After downloading install the app on your phone.
  • Launch the app and create your account or sign up on the ONIC app by providing your personal details and creating a password.
  • Provide your valid and running details like email etc.
  • Now you will be able to explore all features of the ONIC app. Including package details and ordering SIM etc.

Starting Package Details

As a new network in the market, ONIC offers the most affordable internet packages to its users. The package starts with just 123 PKR. Below is the detail about this package.

  • 123 plan valid for 30 days.
  • 500 minutes along with 1000 SMS to all networks.
  • 30 GB data bundle.
  • Verification on SIM delivery and SIM delivery is also free.
  • Available in Karachi and Lahore.
  • Free physical SIM. No e-SIM is yet available.

ONIC SIM Details and Availability:

Following are the details of the ONIC network read out these details while choosing this network.

  • All types of packages are available SMS, call, and internet on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Android mobile app is available on the google play store to select packages and activation of SIM.
  • Karachi and Lahore people have access to mobile apps.
  • E-SIM is not yet available. Launch soon on this Independence Day.
  • Sign-up first to use an app and navigate on the website always use the same email address as the google play store.

What ONIC Network Claims?

  • use minute without limit on all networks.
  • RS 200 plan is valid for 3 months.
  • Golootlo gold membership for 3 months.
  • RS 300 voucher for 3 months.


What is ONIC?

ONIC is a new cellular network that was recently launched in Pakistan. It is owned and operated by Veon, a multinational telecommunications company.

Why was ONIC launched in Pakistan?

Pakistan has a huge market demand for cellular and data services, but service quality has been lacking. ONIC aims to provide high-speed 4G LTE services at affordable rates to Pakistani consumers. The launch of ONIC also promotes healthy competition in the telecom sector.

What services does ONIC provide?

ONIC provides high-speed 4G LTE services focused on data usage and multimedia content. This includes services like ultra-fast internet access, streaming video and music, social media, online gaming, and more. Voice calls and SMS services are also available.

What areas of Pakistan does ONIC cover?

ONIC launched with coverage in the major urban centers of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi with the help of Ufone towers. However, the network plans rapid expansion to extend coverage across all major cities and towns in Pakistan within the first year.

Final Words:

ONIC is Pakistan’s first digital network. The parent company of this network is Ufone. ONIC claim the fastest network of all in Pakistan. only a physical SIM card is available yet. Soon E- SIM will be launched in the market. Currently, this network uses Ufone services. I hope you will get all information in this post. Thanks for visiting.

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