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Onic Packages: Find the Cheapest Internet Packages in Pakistan

by Asiya Kanwal
Onic Packages

Are you frustrated with all telecom networks in Pakistan and want to switch to a new one? If so, you will be glad to know that a new network is available now in the market. A new network with the name Onic was recently launched in Pakistan on this Independence Day. This network has affordable prices of packages and physical sims. Besides, you can buy your SIM card online by ordering from their official website. The app is also available but only works in Karachi and Lahore. This post will tell you about its packages, price, code, etc.

What Data Package Onic Offers?

As we know, Onic is a newly launched network with limited packages; according to our latest information, there are three basic bundle packages you can activate on the Onic network.

  • BIG Data bundle
  • Epic Data bundle
  • Limitless Data bundle.

Big Data Bundle:

This bundle plan includes a data bundle, about 30 GB, and free mints and SMS. It is valid for 30 days. It’s a monthly complete package at an affordable price.

  • Internet 30 GB data.
  • 5000 minutes and 5000 SMS on all networks.
  • 30 days validity.
  • The activation price is 890 PKR.

Epic Data Bundle:

This data plan offers more significant data than big data bundles as it offers more GB of data than the previous one. It is also a monthly basis plan.

  • Validity: 30 days.
  • Internet Data 30 Gb.
  • 10,000 SMS,5000 all network minutes.
  • The activation price is 1,290 PKR.

Limitless Data Bundle:

This is a giant data bundle offered by Onic to its customers. The validity of this package is also for a month.

  • Validity: 30 days.
  • Internet Data 200 Gb.
  • 5000 minutes on all networks and 10,000 SMS.
  • The activation price is 1,990 PKR.

Onic Data Package Chart

Packager Type Internet Data Total MinutesValidityPricing
BIG Data Bundle30 GB5000 minutes on all network and 10,000 SMS30 days890 PKR  
Epic Data Bundle30 GB10,000 SMS, 5000 all network mints30 days1,290 PKR
Limitless Data Bundle200 GB5000 minutes on all networks and 10,000 SMS30 days1,990 PKR
Onic Data Package Chart

All these data bundles are available on sims and can be activated easily through the Onic mobile Android app.

Note: The mobile app is available for only Android users; check the list of top Android phones that support Onic mobile app and other apps and games like PUBG Mobile. It is not device-compatible and can be used only in Karachi and Lahore.

Onic Sim Code Serial:

The Onic sim serial code is 0339, and three categories are launched for Onic code sims. These categories are named purple, standard, and golden. You can buy your favourite and choice number as some of the lists of these numbers are still available. These numbers’ availability can be checked through the Onic app online. Download and install an app to order your sim online.

Price of Onic SIM in Pakistan:

Onic sims are available now in both physical and e-sim. E-sim was recently launched on Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day. All sims can be ordered online. The price of this network sim card is affordable and cheap, which is 150 PKR. You will receive one sim on your door by ordering online from its official website or app.

How to Buy Onic SIM? Most Common Query!

Onic SIM is Pakistan’s first digital best-speed network available now in Pakistan. The parent company of this network is Ufone and currently uses Ufone service for connectivity. You can order an Onic sim card online through their app and website. Follow the below steps to buy an Onic SIM card.

  • Download and install the Onic app on your Android phone, as the Onic app is only available for Android users.
  • Sign up on the Onic app by creating your account.
  • Click on the order sim option and choose sim type e.g. physical or e-sim.
  • Choose your favourite number listed there on the app.
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Add your address and details.

The same method can be used on the Onic website for ordering sim as mentioned above.


How can I activate my Onic sim?

Onic sim can be activated through its official app. On BVS verification, click the “activate” button on the app, and your sim card will be activated.

Can I convert my number to an Onic sim?

Yes, you can easily convert or port your current phone number to the Onic network and you can do it by using Onic app without visiting a franchise or retailer. On biometric and KYC verification, you will get into Onic network service from your current network.

What is the price of an Onic SIM card?

Till now, the Onic SIM card price is 150, which is quite affordable. You can order SIM online by choosing your plan.

Final Verdict:

Until now, we have found all the information about the new telecom Onic network recently launched in Pakistan. This post will teach you about Onic packages, prices, codes, and how to buy SIM cards. Thanks for visiting.

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