Simple Can Be Classy This Summer – How to Sport This Look This Year?

Every woman wants to look her best! But when it is about looking stylish and fashionable, women often think that one needs to put in much effort. Most women think that they being stylish is all about being dressy and giving up on one’s simplicity. That is far from the truth. Being fashionable is all about enhancing your best features and wearing attires that would improve your look. Also, it is also about choosing attires and accessories that caters to your style preference so that you don’t appear awkward and odd.

Many women feel that winter is the time for style and fashion with the cardigans, boots and leather belts. Summer too is a season for appearing stylish, if you know the correct tricks. And there are women who wants to sport a fun summer look that is simple and effortless. But at times, the style magazines and television ads make you feel that looking stylish during summer is all about wearing heavy make-up, several accessories, and costly dresses. According to the leading fashion experts, that is not the case at all. You can stay true to your style preference and sport a stylish summer look as well.

Are you wondering how to do about it? If yes, here are a few intelligent hacks to look classy and simple this summer without trying too hard.

Count on your old denim and a white tank top

If you have always loved the white and blue color combination, you can use it as your summer dress code and look classy. Bring your old, faded blue denim and pair it with a white tank top. Don’t bother much about the fit of the denim. It could be anything from a slim-fit, flared, baggy, or low-rise denim. Choose the one you feel comfortable wearing and add a white tank top to it. The best option here is to choose a white cotton tank top. Again, you can experiment with the shades of white. A cream or off-white top will create a lazy summer look if you want a classic look. Make sure you get the top size correct, so it’s neither very tight nor loose. If you want, you can complete your look by adding a georgette scarf and funky bracelets. Choose one or many based on what you find comfortable.

A knee-length summer dress

If you flip through the style magazines or browse through online shopping stores, you will come across some of the best summer dresses that are available. These dresses usually are available in knee-length, and some are also in the maxi-dress category. Mid-length summer dresses are a good choice if you wish to showcase your feminine charm. You can select these dresses in a solid color or in prints as well. If you are choosing solid colors, ensure that you choose pastel shades. When it comes to prints, you can choose from the floral prints to the polka dots to showcase the classic summer vibe.

Choose the best hat

There comes a time during the summer months that you have to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. Hence, a hat is an essential accessory. But when you add an element of style to it, you can look fashionable and your best. Have you been planning to get the best hat for this summer? If yes, you can choose the trilby for yourself. Often some women confuse a trilby with a fedora. But when you get in touch with a leading hatmaker, they can suggest to you the size and color of the trilby hat that will look best on you.

The summer bag

Most women love carrying a big bag, which enables them to carry everything they need. Today, the latest fashion designers have come up with some of the best summer bags, made out of cotton and canvas, that are spacious and lightweight. You can choose colors that will complement most dresses and accessories. For instance, if you wear pastel shades, you can choose a summer bag in black, brown, or blue color, which will add contrast and will also prove to be a stylish option for you. Ensure that you choose a high-end bag that is worth your money.

Last but not least, you need to get your summer make-up correct. Choose a light make-up look that will not make you appear look outrageously decked up. Things like a light pink blush or a warm brown lip shade are all you need to attain the simple and classy summer look. You can also choose the summer flip-flops or the pumps to complement your summer attire. When you choose these smart style hacks, you can look simple and sober this summer and click those pretty selfies for your social media profiles.

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