Smart Homes Everything You Need to Know

Smart Homes: Everything You Need to Know

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As the world becomes more inclined to rely on technology for most day-to-day activities, technology is advancing and developing rather quickly. Every few months, if not weeks, a new technological device is revealed to the public. Since the invention of the internet in 1983, the world of technology has transpired and integrated itself into all aspects of our lives. As of 2021, the world of technology has combined itself with home living, as a way to make our home living easier, eco-friendlier, and more futuristic. This is also known as a ‘smart home’.  From robots that vacuum your whole house to heating systems and curtains that can be controlled via your smartphone- the list of smart home technological devices and gadgets are endless. There are a lot of questions that arise surrounding the world of home technology, here at We Buy Any House we have answered all your questions relating to smart homes.

What is a Smart Home All About?

To put it simply, a smart home refers to a home set up in which appliances and devices can be controlled automatically from anywhere with an internet connection, mobile data, or some other networked device. Having a home automation system can completely transform your property.

How Do Smart Homes Work?

As mentioned in the first point, devices that exist in a smart home can be controlled through a central point, such as through a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or game console. Home systems such as doors, locks, heating systems, and even appliances such as the fridge can be controlled via one device. You have the option to set up schedules and timers for things to take place and can change these settings from anywhere outside the home. Smart home pieces of technology share information with your device and allow you to change settings remotely.

Advantages of Smart Homes:

  • Saving Energy with Smart Energy Consumption:

Every homeowner is concerned with how to save energy- if not for the planet, then for the benefit of how much they pay for their monthly bills. By investing in smart home products, you can ensure that there is no waste of energy in your home, as all devices and systems can be turned off immediately after use, which allows more instant and active control.

  • Your Home Will Be Safer:

Installing smart home safety devices such as smart locks, doorbell cameras, or a security camera system, your house can be monitored closely and actively prevent intruders- rather than react to the situation once it is occurring, while also allowing you to monitor your home remotely.

  • Customized For Convenience:

The beauty of a smart home is that you can customize your appliances and devices to tailor to your lifestyle. As everything is controlled via a device, it presents an element of ease to control your home from wherever you are. The features of a smart home differ completely from the functions of a regular home and make your home life more leisurely.

Cons of Smart Homes:

  • Cost:

Technological devices are never cheap, and most people have to save for months to be able to afford specific items. Although you can get a company or third party to install your smart home system, it can still be quite a costly investment to afford the devices and appliances themselves, in addition to the device used to control your smart home. Additionally, there is the risk that your technology devices may break, which would require more expenses to be spared.

  • Internet Dependency:

Smart homes require a constant internet connection- and without, they are no good. Without a strong internet connection, you will be unable to control the appliances in your home- therefore making your smart home pretty much useless.

  • Hacking:

It may be unlikely, but all technological devices face some risk of being hacked. As strong as your password may be, in addition to the upgraded authentication layers you have put in place, there is always the small risk that your system is being hacked. The consequences of being hacked are dire, and it’s a big factor to take into consideration before renewing your smart home system.

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