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Steps to Repair Outlook and Outlook 365

by Team Techager
Steps to Repair Outlook and Outlook 365

MS Outlook is one of the most effective platforms to collaborate, plan, and manage your work. If you install a faulty MS Outlook application, it could lead to program file errors, virus attacks, and corruption of the MS Outlook data files. Therefore, you need to repair MS Outlook so that it contains many essential pieces of information such as attachments, emails, tasks, meetings, etc. You also need to repair the corrupted or crashed MS Outlook so that you can prevent any data loss or significant damage to the software. 

Depending on the cause of the problem, you might have to go through multiple troubleshooting methods to repair the MS Outlook. Continue reading the article to the end so that you can repair MS Outlook and Outlook 365 effectively. 

How Can You Repair MS Outlook?

To ensure the MS outlook repairis a successful process, you need to use the Microsoft Office Repair tool. However, it’s best if you use third-party repair tools that will help you repair your MS Outlook. The tool will help you if there are issues regarding the program files as well as the application itself. To fix the MS Outlook application properly, make sure you follow these instructions properly:

  • Visit the Windows icon and choose Apps and Features from the pop-up option. 
  • Choose the options Microsoft Office and select the option Modify. 
  • Choose the option Quick Repair and then click on the Repair button so that you can start the repair process. 
  • After that, restart PC and the application will be ready to use. As per Data Prise, restarting your computer will boost the performance.

Repair MS Outlook with Online Repair Option 

If you use MS 365, you will be able to repair Outlook with the help of an online repair option. To use the online repair option effectively, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Go to the Apps and Features option just like the previously explained method. 
  • Choose Microsoft Office and click on the option Modify. 
  • Select the option Online Repair and then choose Repair. 
  • You will receive a notification that says We’ll Download Files to Repair the Installation. Click on the Yes option to start the repair. 
  • After the repair process of the MS Outlook 365 has been completed, you will receive a notification that says Office is installed. 
  • Choose the Close option to complete the process. 

Now you can open your MS Outlook and log in with the proper credentials. This is one of the best ways to repair MS Outlook 365 without any problem. However, remember that if you choose the online repair option, you will lose all the MS Outlook customization and settings. 

Repair MS Outlook with MS Support and Recovery Assistant 

MS Recovery Assistant and Support is created by the MS developers to solve different types of issues that MS users face while operating different types of applications of MS Office, including Outlook. If you want to repair the MS Outlook application through MS Recovery and Support, make sure you install the MS Support and Recovery Assistant so that you don’t face any problems while repairing the Outlook. 

If the application works properly and you’re still not able to send or receive messages, you need to use the inbox repair tool so that you can repair the Outlook. 

How Can Your Repair Outlook with Inbox Repair Tool?

The inbox repair tool is a built-in function of MS Outlook that will help you fix all the MS Outlook data files. This tool is extremely effective at fixing the headers of the corrupted PST files that are essential to run the application properly. Make sure you follow these instructions so that you can determine the location of the Inbox repair tool and run the tool using the command. 

  • Run the command prompt by pressing Windows+R. 
  • Type the path you want and then click on the OK button. Make sure you don’t make mistakes while typing the path. 
  • The path is different for the different versions of MS Outlook. Hence, make sure you pay attention to the MS Outlook version you’re using. 
  • Click on the SCANPST.EXE file two times so that you can run the MS inbox repair tools. 

These steps might prove effective at fixing the Outlook. However, sometimes the ScanPST tool might fail to fix the critical problems such as PST header file damages or corruption. In such cases, you need to use our outlook repair tool as it will always solve your problem. 

How to Repair Outlook with Out Repair Tools?

If you want to repair Outlook successfully, you need to download and install our MS Outlook repair tool from our website. After the installation, make sure you follow these steps:

  • Choose the proper drive to repair 
  • Once the MS Outlook data files are displayed, you can repair the PST files and click Next. 
  • Choose the smart scan option. 


These are the effective steps to repair Outlook and Outlook 365. Do you need more assistance to repair your MS Outlook and Outlook 365? Don’t forget to contact us today.  

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