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The Best Way to Supplement Your Kid’s English Lessons

by Team Techager
The Best Way to Supplement Your Kid's English Lessons

Private English Tutors Let Young Learners Build Confidence and Proficiency!

English is a notoriously challenging language that can pose problems even to native speakers—especially young ones! Young English students might find themselves struggling with pronunciation, vocabulary retention, and reading comprehension. When faced with learning difficulties in the classroom, young students may become anxious, avoid their work, and withdraw from peers. Luckily, online English lessons for kids can make learning fun again, and help restore your child’s confidence. Websites like Eurekly.com offer professional, effective services at a fraction of the cost of in-person tutors! 

What Makes English So Difficult?

English, of the American, British, or Australian variety, is a peculiar mashup of many linguistic influences. It’s a Germanic language, but has significant Romance and Latinate influences in the areas of grammar and vocabulary. 

The rules of English are notoriously inconsistent. “Bread” and “said” rhyme, yet their vowel clusters are totally different. “Though” and “trough” have similar endings, but don’t sound the same at all. 

Children must also learn their homonyms: words that are pronounced or written identically, while having very distinct meanings or origins. For example, a “mole” could refer to a small burrowing mammal, a dark spot on the skin, or a spy within an organization. 

Every child finds aspects of English-learning harder, and others easier. Some children excel at vocabulary retention but struggle with phonetics, whereas others are the opposite. Luckily, one-on-one attention from a tutor can easily clear up most difficulties experienced by young English learners.

Why Should I Supplement My Child’s English Lessons? 

The feeling of falling behind in class is unpleasant even for the most motivated, gregarious student. Struggling in school can impinge on a student’s ability to feel interest and enjoyment towards the subject or subjects challenging them, and impede their overall ability to engage with their own education. Classrooms today are often large and fast-paced, with teachers struggling to give each student the individualized attention they want or need. Despite this, students must keep pace, and parents may find themselves struggling to help their child. A solid grasp on the English language can be a major boon down the line, as it helps with everything from creative self-expression to college applications to job interviews. With Eurekly’s online tutors, English competence is close at hand

How Can I Support My Child’s English Education?

There are a few things that can be done in the home to supplement or support a child’s English lessons. Reading out-loud to children can broaden their vocabulary and hone their phonetic and spelling abilities. Children love a good story, and there are plenty of iconic children’s stories aimed at younger readers that will keep the parents entertained as well! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, the Harry Potter series, and the Percy Jackson series all make excellent story-time additions. Fun stories foster a love of reading and writing that can last a lifetime.

Phonics and vocabulary flashcards can also work wonders, but are best applied in 10-15 minute intervals once or twice a day, so the child doesn’t grow bored.

If your child has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, they can take advantage of the many language-learning apps and games geared towards young learners. With a little research and trial testing, your kid is sure to find one that they enjoy.  

What Kind Of Tutors Are Best for Children? 

Because adults and young children each require different teaching methods, it is important to find tutors that have experience teaching kids. Many kids learn best when their creativity and sense of fun are engaged; the best tutors will be able to make learning a game, not a chore. Children’s tutors should also be patient, flexible, and of course, a good match for your child’s learning style. 

Does Online Tutoring Work For Children?? 

The COVID-19 pandemic generated a real investment in online learning technologies. Many students’ classes were held remotely, if at all. For a year or two, remote learning was the default for students around the world. Private remote tutoring blends the optimal face-to-face feedback of in-person learning with the affordability and convenience of online learning.

In-person tutoring sessions can be productive and engaging, but they’re often far more expensive than online tutoring sessions. Plus, some prospective students might find themselves facing a scarcity of in-person tutors. 

Meanwhile, online language-learning programs and apps work best as an adjunct to private tutoring sessions and regular English classes.

Luckily, websites like Eurekly.com host hundreds of online English tutors with a variety of backgrounds and experiences to draw from. 

Try Eurekly’s Tutors—For Free!

Eurekly’s tutors come from all across the world, and are rigorously vetted, so you know you’re picking from the cream of the crop! Eurekly’s experienced, professional tutors are an excellent resource for any child struggling with English proficiency. Many of Eurekly’s tutors offer free trial lessons to ensure that their teaching style is compatible with your child’s learning needs. Browse Eurekly today and help rekindle your child’s love of learning.

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