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The Definitive Guide: Types of Ties and When to Wear Them

by Team Techager
The Definitive Guide Types of Ties and When to Wear Them

Whenever an important event is coming up, one important accessory that everyone thinks about is a tie. Whether it is a meeting, a wedding, and many such occasions, you will need a tie. 

A man wearing a tie will give him an edge over others in the room. Thus, having good ties for men is important. 

Now, there are different types of ties for various events. Wearing the right tie for the right occasion can elevate your fashion game. Thus, add some other types of ties in your closet and level up your fashion game. 

Various types of ties like neckties can improve your overall look and make you look classy in the function.

Here, we will tell you about different types of ties and the perfect occasion to buy them.

Why wear ties?

Wearing a tie gives you a professional look and attitude. When you wear ties at professional events, it can boost your confidence. 

Today, there are many different types of ties which you can wear as per the occasion. Wearing a proper tie as per the occasion can make you look better and stand apart from others. So, make sure to have ties in your closet. 

7 major types of ties

  • The Cravat

The cravat is one of the most impressive ties for suits; one can wear this tie at formal events. Cravats come under luxury fashion accessories, and you can style them with velvet jackets, modern blazers, or tweed suits. 

Cravats are best-suited for wedding functions. You can wear a cravat on a dress shirt and can level up your style game. 

  • The Necktie

One of the most popular ties is – neckties. These ties can work for personal as well as professional events. The necktie comes in a wide range of designs and fashions, and you may play around with different knots and patterns to get a sophisticated appearance.

  • Bolo tie

You cannot wear formal ties when you go to a fun event. You need to wear a tie that displays fun in itself, and a bolo tie is such a tie. The bolo tie is a unique tie that can make you stand apart from others at an event. 

In pop culture, the bolo ties have become a trendsetter. Many popular celebrities wear these ties on the red carpet. 

The bolo tie provides a quirky look to the people wearing it. These ties are made of braided leather and are covered with a distinctive metal buckle in many forms and styles.

These ties are for fun events, so make sure you wear them only for such functions and not for professional occasions. 

  • Skinny Necktie

These ties can have a necktie in their name, but they are thinner than the normal necktie. You can easily notice these types of ties at celebrity events. 

A skinny necktie can enhance your look and highlight your dress. You can wear these ties a reception and after-party events. However, avoid wearing these ties on formal occasions. 

With a straight back and a confident demeanor, one can wear the skinny necktie with jeans to dress up this stylish ensemble! 

  • Clip-On Tie

You can use clip-on ties if you don’t have time to watch tutorials on wearing ties. This pre-tied accessory is similar to other normal ties. 

One can wear these ties without effort, and they can help you enhance the look of your outfit. 

Always keep these tips with you, so you can quickly wear these ties and level up your look in any emergency. 

  • Kipper tie

Originated from Britain, the kipper tie has a unique width that can make you look different from others. These ties look good in bold colors. 

Kipper ties are unique and can surely catch the eye of the people around you. Every man – must try to have this tie in their wardrobe.  

  • The Bowtie

Your closet is incomplete without having a bowtie. These ties can look good on formal occasions. 

When you are the main personality of the event, then you should have a bowtie. A seersucker suit and bowtie are also a terrific choice for your upcoming function.

When you go to a wedding, you must wear a bowtie. You can wear this tie with a 3-piece suit. 

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that ties can enhance your overall look and make you stand apart from others at an event. Ties can also boost your confidence and make you look like a gentleman; thus, every man should have ties for them. 

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