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The Science Behind Hurricane Impact Doors and Why They’re So Effective

by Team Techager
The Science Behind Hurricane Impact Doors and Why They're So Effective

Whether you live in a hurricane-prone area or want to protect your home from strong winds, impact doors are the way to go. But what makes them so effective?

It’s not just about the glass. The door frame is also crucial for impact resistance. Keep reading to learn more.


Living in Florida presents difficulties, particularly when coping with the state’s unusual weather patterns. Whether you live in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) or somewhere farther inland, having the right Hurricane Impact Doors and windows can make all the difference.

Hurricane-rated windows, doors, and other building components help keep your house secure all year by resisting the powerful winds and flying debris that can break regular patio doors. Additionally, if you decide to sell your house in the future, the increased protection may result in a more significant return on your investment.

Additionally, since these doors are made with insulated laminated glass, they also work as an effective insulator, keeping the hot summer sun out and the cold winter air in. It lowers your energy bills and makes your property more comfortable year-round. But safety and security don’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics, as impact doors are available in various styles that can complement any décor.


Hurricane-rated doors and impact windows are designed, first and foremost, to keep your family safe during extreme weather conditions. They are built with thicker materials that withstand high pressure and impact and sturdier frames. The glass in these storm doors is also specially constructed to resist shattering. If it does break, it splinters instead of allowing entry into your home. During a severe storm, it helps prevent your family or possessions from being injured by sharp debris or broken glass.

Additionally, burglars typically target homes with vulnerable front doors, so installing impact-rated doors can help deter them. The extra framing makes it difficult to kick in the door, further protecting your home and family.

Since these doors are permanent installations, they protect your house year-round versus other options like shutters and plywood boards that must be put up before a storm hits. Some insurance providers even offer a discount on homeowner’s insurance for houses with impact doors and windows.


A hurricane can be a dangerous and destructive force. Its high winds can create powerful flying debris that can rip through standard windows and doors. They can also cause a sudden change in pressure, compromising your home’s structure and blowing out windows and doors.

While preventing flying debris, wind, and water may seem like the primary function of impact doors, they can help protect your home from a much more common threat often overlooked: Sudden differential pressure changes during storms. These differences can easily comprise your home’s building envelope, causing the structure to collapse.

Please talk with your local security doors to learn more about the benefits of their products. They’ll help you determine your needs and present a design list that fits your requirements. Then, you’ll be able to find the perfect door for your home! They’re easy to install and provide long-lasting physical security for your family, including at-risk children and elders.


Many homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas choose to evacuate during storm season. Still, others hunker down and protect their homes from dangerous wind and flying debris with impact-rated doors. Unlike regular glass that will shatter and crack during a storm, impact-rated patio doors are reinforced with 1solid skins or sheets of internal reinforcement to help prevent air and water infiltration and reduce the risk of injury or property damage. High-quality impact doors are made of clear laminated impact glass that meets Florida regulations.

These durable front and back doors also provide security enhancements. Because breaking through a hurricane-rated door is difficult, they can deter unauthorized entry by robbers and other unwanted intruders. They are also insulated and can keep outside noise down, allowing you to relax comfortably in your home. Plus, they keep harmful UV rays from entering your home to damage furniture and other items.

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