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Tips on Buying Property in Lonavala and Tellapur

by Team Techager
Tips on Buying Property in Lonavala and Tellapur

Are you thinking about buying bungalows in Lonavala for rent? Lonavala has become a popular destination for people to buy their second homes. And when you’re not using your bungalows in Lonavala for rent, you can let them out for handsome returns. You may also be thinking about villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad. Tellapur is another excellent location to consider moving to if you want to buy a new property. You’ll have access to various necessary amenities, and the infrastructure in Tellapur is well developed. 

But what should you take into consideration when buying property in Lonavala or Tellapur? Read on to find out. 

What You Should Know About Buying Bungalows in Lonavala for Rent 

Lonavala is already thought of as a preferred destination for second homes for many people. This is due to its proximity to Mumbai as well as Pune. Lonavala is a picturesque hill station located just 96 kms from Mumbai. If you were to drive, it would take up to two and a half hours to go from Mumbai to Lonavala. This hill station is even closer to Pune, being just 64 kms away. You can also reach Lonavala by train as well. 

Situated in the Sahyadri range, Lonavala is as beautiful as it’s perfect for vacations. However, many people fall in love with Lonavala and choose to purchase bungalows in Lonavala for rent. If you’re looking for bungalows in Lonavala for rent, you’ll come across everything from affordable to luxurious homes. The property market in Lonavala has been booming in recent years. Throughout the year, large numbers of tourists visit this hill station. And this has led to a rise in the number of holiday homes, villas, bungalows, and even apartments being developed in this region. 

Why Should You Buy a Bungalow in Lonavala for Rent?

If you had a home in Lonavala, you still have the perfect getaway destination for yourself and your family even if it’s just a second home. And you can also think about letting out your bungalows in Lonavala for rent to all the thousands of tourists that visit the hill station. This way, you can ensure that you make steady earnings from your bungalows in Lonavala for rent. 

Since Lonavala isn’t that far from Mumbai or Pune, the property market in this hill station has been booming. Many people look for rental homes and Air BnBs where they can relax during their vacations. This is as not everyone enjoys staying at hotels. There are many bungalows in Lonavala for rent that are being let out for rent over a short time. These are ideal for tourists for wanting to spend a few days, or a weekend, in Lonavala. 

Real estate developers in Lonavala are working hard to develop contemporary homes. The homes are designed to be relaxing and relaxing to live in. In Lonavala, you can expect to pay between Rs. 3700 per square feet to Rs. 5000 per square feet. This is usually the price for bungalows in Lonavala for rent. Should you want to buy bungalows in Lonavala for rent close to Tungarli Lake, then these can cost you up to Rs. 4.5 crores. There are independent bungalows in Lonavala for rent, which cost around Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 5 crores. 

What Should You Know About Buying Villas for Rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad 

Tellapur is mainly a residential area situated in Hyderabad. You can enjoy the great infrastructure in the city if you choose to live here. The transport network here is well developed as well. There are bridges with foot-overs, roads that are wide, and more. If you’re thinking about buying villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad, you’ll really enjoy living here. 

Located in the East Zone of the city, Tellapur is close to areas like Gachibowli as well as Madhapur. It’s also close to the financial districts. It’s possible for you to find all kinds of villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad, from affordable to luxurious varieties. You can find villas as well as apartments that you can purchase in this city. There are many properties that come with great amenities like swimming pools, a clubhouse, a gym, indoor games, as well as other recreational facilities. If you want to buy villas for rent in Tellapue, Hyderabad, then you can expect yourself to pay around Rs. 4400 per square feet. 

Tellapur is near the Outer Ring Road, and this means that you’ll have access to different parts of the city. There are also many hospitals, schools as well as supermarkets in this area. Banks can be found here as well. There are many infrastructural developments being planned for this area as well as designed to make the area more upscale. If you’re looking for villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad, then now is the right time to invest. 


Whether you’re looking for bungalows in Lonavala for rent or villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad, you’re bound to find a property that meets your needs. Use this guide to learn all about bungalows in Lonavala for rent and villas for rent in Tellapur, Hyderabad. 

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