Tips to Buy a Used iPhone on the Market

Tips to Buy a Used iPhone on the Market

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Do you have an insufficient budget, and can’t afford to buy a new iPhone then you can shift to buy a used iPhone in the market?

Buying a used iPhone in the market is a humble thing if you are an expert to buy used smartphones. There are different types of iPhones available on the market that you can buy but keep in mind some tips. These tips will help to find out the best Apple device in the market.

Buying a used iPhone has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you have all info related to iPhone, if not then you can read this article in which we discussed all advantages and disadvantages. Further, completely explained the tips to buy a used iPhone in the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying used iPhone

Here are the all benefits and disadvantages of buying a used iPhone, let take a look at the advantages:


  • Save Money for future buying device
  • Full Check the device before buying
  • Check warranty (1 week)
  • Company experience.

You can save money for future buying devices, if you buy a used iPhone then you can save money and in the future can buy the latest model of iPhone instead of a used model.

When you buy the used iPhone, check the full device with consolation at the mobile shop. Once you select, check then pay.

Check the warranty, in most cases, the iPhone resellers give the check warranty for 1 week or 1 month. You can use iPhone for 1 week, otherwise, if you found any fault then can return it.

Note: Change mind will not acceptable.

If you want to buy the latest Apple device and you have the first experience, then choose the used iPhone for getting more info and experience, what experience Apple devices give.


  • Used iPhone, could be repair
  • Battery timing issue
  • Screen Touch issue
  • Duplicate iPhone.

Might be a repaired iPhone that you want to buy. In this case, you need to follow the tips that are mentioned below. Further, you need to buy only new or warranty iPhones.

The battery timing issue is the most technical issue in all Apple devices. According to Apple technical team, the iPhone device battery should be down with the passage of time. So keep in mind, don’t buy the battery changed iPhone.

Further, the screen touch issue occurs with the use of the iPhone so you have to check the full screen before buying a used iPhone.

Keep in mind, your iPhone could be duplicated. To ensure that you are buying the original iPhone at the market.

Tips to Buy a Used Apple iPhone (Guide)

Here are some tips to buy the used iPhone and be careful by a scammer, follow the tips then you can minimize the risk of purchasing the used iPhone.

Check the Originality of iPhone

The first tip to buy a used iPhone at the market is “check the originality of the iPhone”. Ensure that you are buying the original iPhone, not a copy set.

The question is that how to check the iPhone is original or fake. Type “*#06#”, this Apple iPhone secret code will help to find the iPhone IMEI number and MEID number. IMEI number will display, copy this and visit the official Apple website. Paste the IMEI number there and get info related to iPhone. If the info will show then okay, if not then the iPhone is duplicate. So don’t buy duplicate iPhones.

Check the Battery Health

Battery health is the most essential part of the iPhone, you need to check the iPhone battery timing and health before buying a used Apple iPhone. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open iPhone
  • Go into the “settings
  • Click on “battery option”
  • Click on “battery health
  • Check the “Maximum Capacity”.
Check the Battery Health
Image via iPhone (Check the Battery Health)

In my case, I have iPhone XS Max with 96% battery health. You can check the images, there mentioned. Ensure that you have to buy at least more than 85% battery-health-used iPhone.

I have iPhone XS Max with 96% battery health
Image via iPhone battery health

Check the Face ID, Figure print

Make sure you checked all features that work such as face ID, password, and as well as figure print is working properly. In most cases, you don’t have access to change passwords or face ID and figure lock. When you buy a used iPhone, clear all things related to security.

Ensure that True Tone is working

In iPhone’s latest models the true tone is used for display change with the changing of temperature and sunlight. Ensure that the “True Tone” is working properly in the used iPhone.

Ensure that True Tone is working
Image via iPhone (Ensure that True Tone is working)

Check Network Connectivity

Once you checked the iPhone is not fake then you have to check the network connectivity. You need to insert the SIM Card and wait for a few seconds. Then call someone with your contact. Ensure that the iPhone mic and speaker are working well.

3D Feature in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Make sure the 3D touch in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, if you want to buy the used iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. The 3D feature allows you to use a tap in different ways for different actions. Make sure you can use this feature or learn about it.

Buy used iPhone from trusted reseller

No doubt you are going to spend a good amount on buying a used iPhone, so try to buy an iPhone from a reliable reseller.

Further, you can use friends or relatives’ references to buy a used iPhone. In my case, my friend works as a reseller. When I want to buy iPhone I ask my friend. Might be the same in your case.

Final Thoughts

No doubt the Apple devices are the most used and unbeatable devices in the world. I’m personally using Apple iPhone as well as iPad for gaming. Hope so Apple device will not disappoint you, give you a better experience than other devices.

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