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Tools you need for plastering

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Tools you need for plastering

Whether you’re looking to carry out some DIY home improvement, or whether you carry out renovations in your job, you’ll need the right tools for plastering. Learning how to plaster can come in extremely handy and all you need are some basic tools to get started. Below, we explore the tools you need for plastering.


But what is plastering and what part does it play in home renovations? Plastering is the process of protecting walls, ceilings and other surfaces from deterioration with the use of plaster. An experienced renovator will apply a thing cement mix to the surface of the wall, before smoothing and flattening it for the perfect finish. This can make surfaces more attractive, cleaner and more durable.

Tools you might need

Plastering trowel           

Firstly, you’ll definitely need a plastering trowel. There are a wide range of options available out there, but in terms of size, it’s important to remember that shorter trowels allow for more control while larger trowels can help you work at a quicker pace.

Other trowels

Meanwhile, there are some other trowels that can help you apply a smooth finish to your plaster. A finishing trowel, window trowel and corner trowels can all help you in specific situations while plastering.

Mortar stand

A mortar stand can make your life easier when plastering. This is a small, foldable table that can hold your plastering material while you steadily work.

Mixing bucket

Ideally, you’ll have a mixing bucket that has a capacity of around 15 litres. This can be used to mix your materials together as you begin your plastering project.


Your hawk is crucial. This is a smooth surface that can transport your plaster around while you’re on the move. Ideally, it’ll have a clean surface and rounded edges for ease of use.

Plasterer’s float

When you’re plastering, you always want to achieve that smooth, high-quality finish. And the float can help you achieve this. It’s a foam tool that you can roll over your wall or ceiling to give it a smooth, pristine finish.


The scarifier is a metal comb that you’ll use in between the first and second coats on your surface. This comb picks up the debris and mess on the wall and removes it, allowing your second layer to achieve a fine finish.

Quality over price

Finally, it’s worth remembering that quality is important with these tools. If you go for the cheap option, it may not stand the test of time. By purchasing Dewalt oscillating tools, you can be sure that you’re getting equipment that you’ll still be using on plastering jobs years down the line.

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