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Top 15 Android Emulators For iOS

by Team Techager
Top 15 Android Emulators For iOS

In the present mobile industry, the top two operating systems are Android and iOS respectively. Developers must ensure that their applications are compatible with both of these platforms. However, it is not always possible to have a physical device testing lab that consists of all the respective devices. Moreover, small companies and individual developers can’t invest in this expensive process.  The easiest solution to this problem is to use Android emulators that are available in the market. So, in this article, we will discuss everything about the top Android emulator for iOS devices.

Let us begin our discussion with the basics of emulators and how they can help in the application testing process. 

What are Android Emulators

In simple terms, you can define Android emulators to be the programs that allow the developers to run the Google Operating System while being on an iPhone OS device or iPad OS device. There are various reasons why a user might want to run an Android emulator on an iOS device.  The most common reason being that accessing certain applications that are not readily available on the Apple app store.

 You also need Android Emulator if you want to test the functioning of the application on an Android device while using an iPhone. Currently, thousands of such emulators are available in the market. However, most of them do not stand up to the Expectations of a modern-day user. With the help of extensive research, we have created a list of the top Android Emulators for iOS in 2022. 

Top Android Emulator for iOS


LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that helps developers to initiate test cases from anywhere in the world. Using this platform developers can verify the cross browser compatibility of almost every web application.

This platform allows developers to initiate the test cases on any operating system, browser or device. It generates highly accurate test cases by combining multiple reports from different emulators, simulators and even real devices. LambdaTest improves the efficiency of the test cases by initiating parallel testing on web applications. It provides support for different automated testing tools like Selenium, Cypress, Appium etc.


iAndroid is one of the most comprehensive Android emulators for the iOS platform. It provides all the features that a user might want in an Android Emulator. However, the developers must remember that beginners might find it quite difficult to get accustomed to this new emulator due to its Complex arrangement of UI elements. The developers can also connect this emulator with other tools to improve the user experience.  It is also one of the oldest players in this segment as it was launched back in 2011.  


This is yet another popular name in the world of Android emulators. One of the most unique features offered by GBA4iOS is that it allows the developers to sync the data with Google Drive. Using this feature, the developers can not only keep a backup of the critical data but also access it from anywhere in the world. The developers must remember that this application is not available on the app store and so cannot be downloaded directly. However, with the help of a third-party source, it is not a complex process to install it on any iOS device. 

iNDS Emulator

This emulator is perfect for launching any Android game on an iOS device. With the help of hardware acceleration, it ensures that the end users do not experience any kind of performance lag or input delay. However, the developers must remember that all of these features come at the cost of high battery consumption. So, it is advisable to keep a constant check on the battery capacity to ensure that you do not use your device in the middle of the testing process. In case of overheating, it is advisable to close the emulator and restart it after a comprehensive break.  

Alien Dalvik

Just like the previous emulator, Alien Dalvik also functions on almost every iOS device that is available in the market. Many developers also consider this emulator to be the best platform to emulate a Nintendo environment on an iOS device. This is yet another emulator that is not readily available on the Apple App Store. So, the developers must find an alternative way to install it on their devices. It also provides a comprehensive idea of how the application would react to several physical specifications of an Android device.  

NDS4iOS Emulator

This emulator not only helps to simulate an Android environment on an iOS device but also helps the developers to cast an Android Screen on an iOS device. This emulator can perform this process with the help of seamless integration between the host system and the guest system. However, the developers must remember that all the devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the proper functioning of this feature.  


It is one of the easy-to-customize Android emulators that are currently available. This is highly useful as it helps the developers to customize all the testing parameters according to the requirements of the testing project. As it is not directly available on the App Store, the developers will have to use the Cyndia application to install this emulator on their iOS devices. 


Bluestacks is one of the popular names in the Android Emulator market. Using it, the developers can emulate almost any Android device on any platform. This means that Bluestacks is not only compatible with iOS devices but also with Windows and Mac platforms as well. It provides excellent GPU rendering features to ensure a smooth operating curve. It also helps the developers to allocate custom bandwidth and memory to specific apps. 

LD Player

LD Player is another simple Android Emulator like Bluestacks. It helps the developers to emulate any Android Environment according to their will. LD Player is particularly suitable for running simple apps as it does not have good GPU handling capabilities. The simple UI makes it very welcoming to new users. LD Player also allows the developers to choose the rendering engine and device specifications according to their Desire. 


Gameloop is one of the common names in the world of Android emulators. This emulator has gained its reputation with its ability to execute even the most demanding Android games on any device. Using this emulator, the developers can almost create a real Android environment on their iOS devices. However, the developers must remember that Gameloop does not support all android apps. So, compatibility can be a major issue while using this emulator.  

Nox Player

NOX player is a popular Android Emulator help developers create an Android environment on even low-end devices. The intelligent engine of this emulator helps the developers to automatically scale down an application according to the available specifications. This feature is very important as a recent market study shows that only 2% of the users have the latest flagship devices every year. The developers can use this emulator even if they do not have any native controller support on their devices. Another attractive feature of this emulator is that it is completely free to use and currently undergoing development. So, we can expect that future versions of this Android Emulator will bring more interesting features. 


Memu is a popular Android Emulator all around the world. The developers can not only run this emulator on iOS devices but also on Windows and Mac platforms. It provides an enhanced gaming experience with the help of multiple keyboard layouts and also the ability to perform custom keyboard mapping. The Visualize option provided by this emulator helps the developers to analyze how the application would look on an original Android device. It is one of the few emulators that can seamlessly work with the integrated graphics of any device and also support external GPU acceleration.  The settings option provides multiple customization options to provide the optimal end-user experience.  


Andy is one of the few Android emulators that is simple yet provides one of the most powerful Android emulations available in the current market. One of the unique features provided by this emulator is that it can sync across multiple devices irrespective of location. This allows the developers and users to access their critical data. It is also very easy to transfer all the critical data from the real device to this emulator. While using this emulator, the developers can easily connect desktop and mobile devices.  While using this tool, the developers can easily access the multi-touch gaming controls. It also allows the developers to use any mobile device as a native joystick. 


This emulator is quite popular in the Android app development community. Using this tool, the developers can test the functioning of an Android application across multiple platforms without accessing them in-house. The elaborate customization option ensures that the developers can set all the parameters according to the requirements of the application development process. It not only helps in testing and sharing live demos but also helps the developers to monitor the performance of the application across multiple devices. The high-definition pixel compatibility ensures that the visuals of the application remain constant and as intended.  Using this emulator, the developers can configure more than three thousand different configurations for Android devices.  

The Conclusion

So, we can conclude the proper use of Android emulators can help developers massively improve the reliability of mobile applications. Application development companies need to spread awareness regarding this important testing process. It is also advisable for the developers to conduct proper market research to verify the reliability of an Android Emulator. We would suggest the developers have an extensive look into multiple online forums. These forums mostly consist of honest reviews from developers all around the world. These reviews will help to get a proper idea of the tool and decide whether it is suitable according to your needs. As mobile users continue to grow, experts believe that the mobile application Development Industry would become one of the most profitable markets in the coming years. 

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