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TOP 11 iPhone Tester In 2022

by Team Techager
TOP 11 iPhone Tester In 2022

iPhones are the model’s name for the smartphones developed by Apple. These devices run on the iOS operating system. Currently, more than 40% of smartphone users are on the iOS platform. This makes iOS one of the largest markets for app development. However, iOS isn’t an open-source platform like Android. There are multiple restrictions in terms of data availability and access to core features. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best mobile app testing platforms and tools for iOS.

Let us begin our discussion with the basics of App Testing.

The Importance of App testing

Smartphones have started to gain popularity since 2012. During the early years of Smartphones, the applications were fairly simple and easy to develop. Therefore, the developers could eliminate almost all the critical bugs in the application during the development phase.

However, with the passage of time and the advancement of Technology, the demands and Expectations of end users have begun to rise dramatically.  The companies needed to add more and more features to the application to maintain their stand in the competitive industry. However, this increased the complexities of the app and resulted in frequent bugs and crashes.  A faulty application can massively destroy the reputation of the app and also the company as a whole. 

All these events emphasized the importance of the testing phase and forced the companies to invest time and resources into it. In the modern application Development Industry, thousands of tools and platforms can help developers successfully perform this process.  Moreover, the integration of automation testing and Agile testing practices has further improved the efficiency of the test cases.  

Choosing the correct iPhones for Testing

Apple devices are well known all around the world for their post-sales services and dependable performance over a long period. A recent survey shows that most iPhone users tend to hang onto the device for at least four years. Therefore, for iPhone testing, the developer should not consider the recent devices as the benchmark for the test cases. Another interesting trend in the habits of iOS users is that they tend to update to the latest version of iOS faster compared to Android users.  This means that the application Development Company must ensure proper app stability on the latest iOS updates. According to sales statistics, currently, iPhone 11 is the most used iPhone followed by iPhone XR.  Then, iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in third place. So, these devices are a good starting point for testing purposes. 

Best iPhone Tester in 2022

Considering the current variety of mobile devices, a company can’t maintain a physical test bench. So, the best alternative is the use of an emulator and cloud testing platforms. Let us look at the top eleven iPhone tester in 2022: 


LambdaTest is a cloud-based app testing platform. It provides an online real-device cloud that the developers can use to test the functioning of native iOS applications. The process is so simple that the developers only have to upload the application and begin the testing phase. It also provides an iOS browser simulator to test the functioning of iOS web applications. It not only provides access to the latest iPhones but also to the legacy ones that are no longer available in the market. Access to real devices ensures that the final test reports are dependable for running the debugging operations. Lastly, Appium Grid helps the developers to run automated testing. This platform can also perform geolocation testing and real-time testing.                                                                                                             

Test Rigor

Test Rigor provides a unique opportunity to express the tests in the form of executable scripts.  The simple UI allows testers of different testing abilities to create and execute the test scripts with just one click. The tests do not reply to implementations like XPath. Instead, they prioritize the end-user-level implementation. This process allows the testers to customize the scripts according to the specific test requirements. Test Rigor is very compelling to the individual creators as it is completely free. It provides an interactive recorder for the web paths. This is the easiest tool for developers who are new to the world of automation testing. 


Appium is an open-source mobile application testing tool. Using this tool, the developers can verify the proper functioning of both native and hybrid mobile applications. It not only supports the testing of iOS applications but also allows the developers to test the functioning of Android apps from Android version 2.3 and higher. While using this mobile app testing tool, the developers can work with multiple programming languages according to their preferences. When working on mobile devices, this application testing tool can seamlessly control popular browsers like Chrome and Safari. Lastly, the developers can use the Java programming language to integrate this tool with other development and testing frameworks.  


One of the unique features offered by Calabash is that it has a huge library of test codes that allows the tool to interact with both native and hybrid applications. It also has specialized features that allow the developers to test the proper functioning of mobile applications that are developed for touchscreen devices. Calabash provides extensive support for the Cucumber framework. This Framework makes the development process simple and easy to understand for business teams and other non-technical staff of a company.  This process also helps to improve the collaboration between different teams of an application development company 


KIF is a mobile application testing tool that is developed with the help of the object C framework. This tool specializes in the testing of iOS applications only. It provides an impressive command line and command interface to improve the functioning of the test case.  It improves the accessibility of the tool by providing proper levels for all the elements present in the user interface of the application. Using this tool, the developers can also test the proper functioning of all the gesture-based controls present in the application. It also helps the developers to understand how the application behaves according to multiple user inputs. 


XCTest compliments the native XCode apple app testing tool. One is meant for the backend testing process and the other tests the proper functioning of all the UI elements in the app. Since both tools belong to the Apple ecosystem, the developers can expect unmatched performance and access to almost all the native features of an iPhone.

It also eliminates the hassle of an unnecessarily long setup process as almost all the points are mentioned on the official Apple Website. The integration with the cloud platform allows developers to initiate test cases from almost anywhere in the world. Using this tool, the developers can also analyze the fluctuation in app performance depending on the physical specifications of an iPhone.  


So, we can conclude that iPhone testing is one of the most critical components of the modern application development industry. A great iPhone tester will not only simplify the testing process but will also improve the quality of the end product. The development companies should also take proper steps to spread awareness about this testing process. It is also advisable that the companies check for end-user reviews before integrating any app into the test bench. Multiple online forums consist of honest reviews from users all over the world. For instance, LambdaTest has thousands of positive reviews on multiple online forums. Lastly, the testers must remember that their final goal is to provide high-quality apps in a short period. 

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