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Top 7 Automotive Advertising Techniques to Increase Customer Conversions

by Team Techager
Top 7 Automotive Advertising Techniques to Increase Customer Conversions

Where do the majority of car sales happen? If you would say that it happens in dealerships, that can’t be too far from the truth. In fact, data from Think by Google shows that 95% of car sales happen at the dealership. But did you know that the journey to drive a car actually starts in the search? Buyers first turn to Google Search to look for information on the car models and dealerships close to their places. Gone are the days when you ask, “Is advertising a variable cost?” because data shows it definitely is.

One of the biggest challenges that automotive marketers face is establishing a good rapport that can gain the trust of leads to turn them into conversions. Marketers are tapped to help bring leads to dealerships so the sales team can convince them and proceed to close the deal. Understanding how advertising influences us is the key to winning in the sales game. Here are 7 techniques that you can use to convert more customers and generate more sales:

  1. Generate positive customer reviews by building trust.

Purchasing your first car is one of the biggest decisions you will make. You want to make sure that you will make the right decision so you will spend ample time doing research. Is advertising a variable cost at this point? The answer is yes.

One of the most important factors at this point in the customer journey is reading customer reviews. This is a cost-effective and affordable way to market your automotive business. But you don’t want just any review, you need to have the positive ones that could enrich prospect buyers with new information and entice them to visit your dealership or shop.

Customer reviews need to appear on your website, social media platforms, search engines, and other places. When customers looking to buy a car find these reviews, they will get a better insight not only into the units you are selling but into your sales process as well.

  1. Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for a while now and there are no signs of it slowing down. It allows your business to rank as high as possible on Google search result pages.

Building your online presence is necessary especially if you are competing with a lot of similar businesses in your area. A potential client can look up truck repair in Sarnia and can spend hours driving around to find a suitable place or simply search for shops online.

By utilizing a set of keywords and strategies, your website could land on top or on the first page of search engine returned pages (SERPs), it would be easier for anyone who uses search engines like Google to find out about your business’ existence. When you get more traffic to your site you will also increase your chances of converting visitors to customers.

  1. Utilize local search results

Organic search is a great way to show up in the SERPs but you can also use other ways like local Google search. One of the most tangible proofs of how advertising influences us is in patronizing shops within our locale.

If a customer uses Google for a specific kind of business, various information like the map, contact information, business hours, and images also pop up. This advertising technique can help lead them to you as they get an idea if the dealership’s location or business hours suit them.

  1. Advertise on local Google Results Pages

Is advertising a variable cost if your target market is locals? If you have an existing Google Business listing, you can maximize this advertising potential.

Focus on ads that appear in local search results where your clients are focused. Because you are a service-based business, the local service ads offered by Google would be very helpful to you. With 1 in every 3 prospective buyers already bent on the model, year, and type of vehicle they want, you get a good opportunity to present them with content that can help their decision-making process.

  1. Create social media profiles

Are you on Facebook? Do you keep an Instagram account? Is LinkedIn a place you constantly post in? The truth is, social media is not just for keeping connected with friends, it is also a great avenue to reach customers and connect with them.

Social media pages help you be easily found by people who are looking for a similar business. Facebook and other social pages can help you rank in SERPs thus opening more ways for customers to find you. Is advertising online a variable cost for you? Now is the time to change this perspective and invest more in online advertising techniques to connect and engage.

  1. Create unique offers that compel shoppers to visit your store

How advertising influences us may change in time but there are valuable techniques that never go out of style and one of these is posting compelling offers.

Your goal is to convince them to buy from you. The least of your concerns should be beating the competition in terms of putting ads out there. What you want is to put out an irresistible offer for customers to come knocking on your door.

A limited-time, time-sensitive offer, for example, is one way to let people see the urgency of visiting your store. Deals that are so hard to miss often seal the sale.

  1. Make after-sales a priority

Did you know that after-sales is a value-generating activity? While most of the time the focus of advertising is to introduce a model and lure customers to buy the car, not a lot of marketers realize that after-sales is also a tipping point for most clients.

Naturally, car owners will feel more and more detached from their dealerships the longer they drive their cars. When the warranty expires and if there are shops offering parts and services for a lesser price, the original store becomes a distant memory to them.

However, if after-sales could be the key to generating more sales. Just like how testimonials and reviews can foster good relationships and warranty, the support customers get from dealerships after paying for the vehicle also matters. Getting better offers, prices, technical advice, and other perks will not go unnoticed. Customers tend to recommend or make a repeat purchase after a couple of years (and with more add-ons at that) if they are satisfied with the previous transaction they made.

Gone are the days when people shied away from advertising their automotive dealerships. With cut-throat competition in your niche, using the right techniques to introduce your brand and services should be on top of your business management list.

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