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Tutflix: Free Online Education Community in 2023

by Team Techager
Tutflix Free Online Education Community

In the hard days, COVID-19 affected normal lives. Nobody wants to leave their home without any reason. This is a tough time to stay at home for students, they are jobless and deprived to study. To end study deprivation, most education departments launched an online education system in which students can study online such as Tutflix. No need to go to schools, colleges, and universities.

If you are searching for online learning platforms where you can continue your study, then you are at the right place. Here we discussed the online education community.

What is actually Tutflix? How to Explain it?

Tutflix is an online learning platform in which you can get knowledge and skills through online courses. It offers more than thousands of courses in various languages. Doesn’t matter if you can’t speak English; you can take a course in the Hindi language.

It offers not only paid courses, but you can also take some free online courses and this offer is available for both students and employees. It depends on you which course you want to take.

Tutflix.org and Tutflix IO are the same, both for use in online educational purposes. You can also get access to Tutiflix IO from Tutflix.org.

Best Ever Review in 2023

Tutflix word taken to two words “Tut and Flix”. Tut means “tutorial” and Flix means “film”. Because they deliver knowledge and skills through videos, so all courses consist of videos. You can also access courses through your laptop. Further, if you do have no laptop then can use the official app that is available on the Google play store and App store for IOS.

How to Register for the online Education Community?

Registering is an easy task, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below then you will be able to register online education community without any trouble:

  • Visit an official “tutflix.org homepage”
  • Click on the “Register” button
  • Enter your “username” and “Gmail
  • Set the secure “Password
  • Enter your “Location” (Just enter your country name)
  • Read “Terms and conditions” and allow it
  • Then click on “Register”.
Registering the Tutfix process
Registering process

Now your account has been created but you have to verify it. You need to open Gmail and find the confirmation mail (sent from them).

Registering the Tutfix

Reasons to take Tutflix courses

Why do we need to take these courses, there are various reasons. It can improve your knowledge and skill with the help of online courses. You don’t need to go out, you can learn at home through their online learning platform. Read more about “why we should take this”?

  • It offers more than thousands of free courses
  • It is an online platform with Outstanding Customer Support
  • Provide the valuable content
  • Offer courses in different languages
  • Simple and easy interface.

It offers various courses, visit the homepage and click on “Resources”. You will see the thousands of courses available there. Some main courses are mentioned below:

  • Development
  • Designing
  • IT & Software
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Office Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal development
  • Health & Fitness
  • Teaching & Academics
  • Music.

You can better know when you visit and open one by one course. When it is offering almost all courses and free access then why do we choose another site for online learning

Basic General Discussion Rules

Every online or offline platform has its own rules and regulations. Same here you should follow the general discussion rules and regulations for all users. Its general discussion rules are mentioned below:

  • Don’t post for course invitations and do not ask for a course download link
  • Don’t post any similar website link as a download link or reference
  • Don’t Post About Controversial Topics
  • Don’t create a thread title in a single word, use an appropriate thread title that matches your content.

Make sure you won’t violate the general discussion rules. If you do, your account will be banned.

Final Thoughts

This is the best online learning webpage that offers thousands of courses and also gives us to choice of language options. Recently, I joined this learning platform to learn something new. I don’t think so other learning platforms are better than this. If you have any other platform, then share it with us through the comment box.


Is Tutflix offer free courses?

Yes, it offers free online courses for both students and employees. Don’t matter what you do for a living, you can avail yourself of the free courses.

How many courses does it offer?

It almost offers more than 3000 courses and provides valuable content via videos.

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