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Who Needs Remote Patient Monitoring?

by Techager Team
Who Needs Remote Patient Monitoring

Whether your business is a hospital or a small physician’s office, remote patient monitoring is a great way to provide better health care. This is because it can help improve medical outcomes, reduce costs, and provide a better overall experience for the patient and the entire healthcare team.

Reduces Costs

Using technology to monitor patient data can reduce costs, improve health outcomes, and improve efficiency in healthcare facilities. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) enables efficient communication between patients and healthcare professionals. It allows patients to remain at home, reduces the need for trips to the doctor’s office, and frees up resources for other patients.

Like CoachCare remote patient monitoring, RPM can also help reduce chronic disease burden. Patients with chronic conditions often require constant monitoring. This enables healthcare providers to diagnose better and treats patients. It also allows them to titrate medications. RPM has been shown to reduce readmissions, emergency department visits, and hospitalizations.

In addition to reducing costs, RPM can improve patient engagement. Patients are more likely to follow their providers’ recommendations. RPM technology allows medical professionals to spend valuable time answering questions instead of spending time on routine vitals. It can also optimize communication with other healthcare professionals.

Remote patient monitoring is a cost-effective solution to prevent hospitalizations and readmissions. It also has the potential to save thousands of Medicare dollars per patient.

Improves Medical Outcomes

In healthcare, remote patient monitoring (RPM) can improve medical outcomes, enhance patient care, and reduce costs. It helps healthcare professionals better diagnose and treat patients. It also reduces avoidable hospitalizations, readmissions, and extended stays.

The societal shift towards technology has encouraged healthcare organizations to utilize remote patient monitoring capabilities. These capabilities have been used to improve healthcare outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

RPM uses wireless peripheral measurement devices and technology to transmit physiologic data to healthcare professionals. In addition, some technologies allow video interaction between the patient and health care professional. These systems are most often used between routine office visits.

Regular monitoring, such as RTM monitoring, allows patients and physicians to intervene early and treat conditions before they progress. These technologies effectively prevent readmissions and manage chronic conditions after an acute episode.

The ability to track and analyze data over time can also provide an opportunity to engage physicians in conversations about a patient’s health and wellness. Data can also be used to advise patients and support care teams with risk stratification.

Better Overall Experience for All Parties Involved

Historically, remote patient monitoring has been a barrier to effective management. However, leveraging technology advances and incorporating a team-based care model can improve clinical efficiencies while providing better care more promptly. This technology also provides consumers a valuable opportunity to engage with their healthcare providers. Using RPM, patients can send health data to physicians and receive the care they may not have otherwise been able to access.

It’s not a secret that healthcare costs are skyrocketing. According to a 2022 national debt survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, half of the American adults have difficulty affording healthcare. Fortunately, a new breed of technology is providing patients with the requisite care without draining their wallets. Using an RPM system, patients can connect to specialists, receive virtual checkups, and proactively manage their care. This can result in reduced administrative burdens, staff shortages, and improved patient outcomes. Moreover, with a growing number of Americans living in rural areas, RPM can provide a pathway to virtual care.

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