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Works With AiDot Security Cameras

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Works With AiDot Security Cameras

AiDot is a cross-brand and cross-category ecosystem that makes it possible for consumers to manage all their smart home products through one convenient app. The AiDot ecosystem includes many well-known smart machine manufacturers. With one app, customers can manage any product within the ecosystem, from smart appliances to lighting. The products within the ecosystem all work together to help customers build a sustainable future.

Winees Cam F1 Spotlight Camera

The Winees Cam F1 Spotlight camera is a high-quality outdoor security camera that works with AiDot and other security systems. Its simple installation makes it easy to use. Its simple setup in AiDot and other integrations makes it an excellent choice for homeowners who need a quality security camera that is inexpensive and easy to install. If you want to save money on your purchase, the company offers an Amazon coupon worth $70 and a 63% off discount on the official website.

The Winees Cam F1 Spotlight camera works with AiDot, a free cloud surveillance app that allows users to view their cameras anytime and from anywhere. This IP65 waterproof camera offers two-way audio and real-time video recording. The camera can also be operated automatically.


The Works with AiDot APP allows you to manage all your smart home devices through a single, user-friendly app. This app allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously, organize them in groups, and change their color and brightness. You can also create custom scenes to control your smart lights and security cameras.

You can designate specific areas for your cameras and even set up a music beat. Depending on the music playing, the lights will change color to keep the beat. You can set the color range, sensitivity, and brightness to create the full music rhythm effect.

AiDot cloud service

The AiDot Cloud service is a cloud-based surveillance service that enables you to monitor the activities of your whole family from anywhere in the world. It detects activity from baby monitors and sends push notifications to alert you when a child goes missing for an extended period of time. It also provides data analytics to help you determine whether your home is safe. It can also be used to monitor elders and family members with restricted communication.

AiDot offers an affordable cloud-based video surveillance service that integrates seamlessly with smart light starter kit. The service offers the convenience of 24/7 monitoring, cloud history information, and free two-way audio. You can also enjoy the security of professional protection from the AiDot team around the clock, and you can save your video recordings in the cloud.

AiDot smart devices

The AiDot app works with various smart home devices to provide 24×7 home monitoring. It has several features such as human detection, pet detection, vehicle detection, and package detection. It also has a data analytics dashboard for parents to see their children’s activities. In addition, this app can help parents detect danger zones and protect their pets.

The AiDot App has been updated and features the smart zone page. This new page has four major features: Music Rhythm, Energy Dashboard, Home Monitoring, and Pet Sitting. You can also adjust the color, sensitivity, and brightness of the lights.

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