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Yep Ahrefs Search Engine: Introduced New Search Engine in 2023

by Team Techager
Yep Ahrefs Search Engine

Finally, Ahrefs introduced a new general search engine “Yep” on 6 June 2022.  Might be you heard about the new exciting browser “Yep”. So here we completely explored Yep Ahrefs search engine.

What do you think? Ahrefs Yep search engine can beat the Google search engine? The answer is absolutely not because Yep is a new search engine and needs a lot of improvements in it.

Yep: New Ahrefs Search Engine Against Google

“Yep” is an active new search engine that was recently introduced by official Ahrefs. It also works like other search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, and so on. But now it’s in beta version and soon they launched the final version.

Yep New Ahrefs Search Engine Against Google
New Ahrefs Search Engine Against Google

Ahrefs introduced the new exciting search engine named “Yep”. Ahrefs is an SEO tools organization and now they launched their search engine isn’t it quite interesting that Ahrefs moves toward a search engine?

One of the other mazer things about this is that the team members are only 11 and Ahrefs invested about 60 million dollars on this project. There are certain features that Yep differentiate from another search engine like Google.

How Yep Is Different from Google Search Engine?

There are many search engines available but one of the leading search engines is Google Search Engine. Google makes yearly 209.49 billion U.S dollars revenue from advertising.

From the latest information, Google pays 68% to the content creators and this varies on other platforms. One of the exciting things about the Yep is it pays 90% to its content creators.

This is unbelievable service by the Yep. It means that if your content earns 100 million in a year then Yep only takes 10 million of it. Whenever you use the Yep you are directly putting the money in content creator pockets.

The other great feature of the Yep is its policy. Compared to Google they do not keep a record of your personal data.

What is the Yep Privacy Policy?

Google collects all of the information about its users. All of your information is Google selling somehow. Google keeps track of all of your personal information.

As compared to the privacy policy of Google the Yep doesn’t share and collect any of your personal information.

This search engine will not store any search history of your search. It does not store user-agent strings (strings that helps to know which version of the browser is used and on which operating system).

Yep, use aggregate data to improve search. For an instant, Yep keep the track of the search words and in which region the link gets the more click. Yep, do not use any cloud provider information for search results.

As Yep is still in the improvement stage the privacy policy may vary in upcoming time you can check updates from the policy page.

Yet Search Engine used AhrefsBot for Crawling

What is the Ahrefsbot actually is and why Yep use it? Ahrefsbot is the WebCrawler that powers the 12 trillion links. It is one of the best crawlers after Googlebot.

Yep, used the Ahrefsbot for crawling web pages what all is Ahrefsbot will do that it will create the notes of outbound links of your web content and put them in their database.it will do a re-crawl of the website in periodic manners.

This data will help in optimizing the websites. Every 24 hours crawler visits 6 billion web pages and updated the index. The Yep is working currently on Ahrefsbot and soon in the future, it will switch to the Yepbot. It will be a great competition for Googlebot.

How will Yep affect Google?

As we all know about how much Google dominated the other search engine and collect huge revenue every year.  The majority of its revenue depends upon the ad. Google has 92% of the market share. This is more than other sites like Facebook, and Amazon.

As compared to Google the Yep pays 90% as mentioned earlier this feature of Yep will revolutionize new business. It will create a new firm for the content creators as the revenue will be directly paid to its publisher.

The Yep motivate the content creator from different field of life to share their valuable knowledge. This will boost the content industry you can also contribute to their efforts by using Yep.

Comparison of Google v/s Yep Search Engine

As compared to Google Yep has not as much efficient because of lacking some features. The Yep has available in a few languages like Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, and English.

It has 100-petabyte storage which is less than Google as Google has 10 thousand petabytes. Yep, will use the searcher keywords entered, language preference from the browser, and geographic area.

Yep, is still in the progressive stage but one of the great features that it has that can beat Google in the market is its content creator revenue.

History of “Yep” Domain

It might be you heard the “Yep” word for the first time as a domain but it was launched in 1998 for the first time. Further, in 2000 it was part of “website stories company” as a portal. and in 2001 it was closed. In 2004, it was a “web directory” then it converts to a “website builder“, and even still the official webpage is also available on Facebook.

Do you know that Ahrefs purchased the “Yep domain” in February 2022? So, technically “Yep” is an expired domain.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, Ahrefs is one of the best tools for SEO experts, Ahrefs SEO tool is used for keyword research, checking website traffic, backlinks checker, and much more facilities. So, now Ahrefs launched its own search engine with the name “Yep”. Now it has a beta version but soon they will launch it in the final version. In this article, we explored the features, and comparison with the Google search engine but that true Yep is not enough for Google. We can’t compare it with Google but we can say that Yep will better work than other search engines.

FAQs About Yep Search Engine

Is it Yep available all over the world?

Yep, will be soon available in all countries. Now it has a beta version but soon will launch in the final version. “Yep Search Engine” needs a lot of improvement then it will work Globally.

Is it revenue share available right now on Yep?

Right now, there is no revenue to share soon advertising and revenue share will be added. Yep using a 90/10 profit share business model it will pay 90% directly to the makers.

Where did the name Yep idea come from?

According to the Ahrefs choosing the name was quite a struggle for them. The idea of the name comes from the avatar cartoons that use the phrase yip. Further, Yep is used on its website and now Ahrefs purchase it and launched its own search engine with the name “Yep”.

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