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10 Kinds of drinking glasses set to have in the kitchen

by Team Techager
10 Kinds of drinking glasses set to have in the kitchen

When you sip a glass of whisky, the odour emitted by the golden liquid adds a lot to the overall pleasure of the moment.

But did you know that the glass into which you pour your whisky has a significant impact on how this odour reaches you? It is just as vital to pick the perfect whisky glass to choose the correct liquor. If you want to take your love of alcoholic beverages to the next level.

Crystal tumbler drinking glass set

We will look at some of the most common varieties of drinking glasses set in this article that should be present in your kitchen

1. Crystal tumbler drinking glass set:

 Drinking brandy or whiskey with a crystal cocktail glass set provides a complete sensory perception. When placed down, these contemporary glasses create a swirling rotation, which aids in the aeration of your fine spirit. As a result, they encourage the drinker to enjoy an olfactory experience fully.

2. Bullet rock drinking glass set:

A shot glass that bit the bullet after taking a shot. It appears to be logical. It also looks fantastic. If you are looking for a party glass that can also be used as an icebreaker and chat starter, look no further.

3. Drinking glass set of red wine:

Red wine glasses are customarily taller and have a larger bowl to allow the wine’s aroma to linger longer, as the drink is designed to be sipped leisurely.

4. Drinking glass of white wine:

In comparison to red wine glasses, white wine glasses are generally shorter, with a more petite mouth and less surface area, so the wine does not oxidise as quickly. The structure aids in flavour retention.

5. Drinking glass set with a fluted shape:

They are also part of the wine glass family and are the smallest of the bunch, having the smallest surface area for serving sparkling wine and champagne.


Drinking glass set with a fluted shape

6. Drinking glass for a snifter:

The fancy cocktail glass has a large bowl and a small stem and mouth. The structure aids in obtaining the drink’s powerful aroma and allows for easy swirling of the beverage.

7. Drinking glass set for a shot:

They hold 1.5 ounces of whiskey and are served neat and are made of thick glass with a strong base.

8. Mug set for beer:

They have a grip (similar to a coffee mug) that allows you to hold the beer without heating it. These mugs come in various sizes and can hold anywhere from 8 to 15 ounces of beer.

9. Drinking glass set for a pint:

They are commonly seen in bars and cafes, and they are used to serve beer or cider. They have a cylindrical shape with a broader top that makes them easy to clean and stack.

10. Drinking glass set for martinis:

They feature a characteristic v-shape, are somewhat larger in size red than other cocktail glasses, and serve martinis.

Set of drinking glasses with fabulous designs

It is time to lift our glasses–even better if they are a pair! Today we are featuring drinking glass sets with a contemporary twist. These products are excellent gifts, particularly if you select pieces with unique features like strange forms and patterns.

Not to add, you can never have too many–even the most seasoned entertainers who have full cabinets of glassware like adding new additions to their catalogues. The power of well-designed drinkware or glass jar is celebrated in today’s selections, ranging from clean and elegant to eye-catching and extravagant.

Drinking glasses with patterns

Now we will look at drinking glass with patterns, starting with one very unique set. Flamingos were the summer’s tacky theme. Thanks to a spate of flamingo discovery, the ’80s were suddenly back with a fury.

Shower curtains, napkins, and glasses–these pink birds have left their mark on a wide range of items. While the flock seemed to have dispersed, we could not help but remember about the best of summertime decor by displaying these pink flamingo glasses for the time being.

Aesthetic design for a drinking glass

The drinking glasses have various designs on the arm of the glass cup or on the body of the glass itself. It comes with multiple accessories, including decals, spray paints, hot stamps, and screen prints. This enables people’s decorating and labelling requirements to be met.

Labelling and Decorating

Decorations are done to make your drinking glasses stand out from the crowd. Multiple decoration processes are available to improve the appearance of your products.

Transfers and Decals

Decals allow you to access places that can not be screen printed in many colours. Our fully experienced transfer staff applies for all transfers by hand and cures them properly to provide a long-lasting and visually appealing end product for your business.

Crackled texture

Crackle is a treatment that is applied to glass to give it a cracked or cracked appearance. The final look is achieved by immersing the object in cold water while it is still heated.

The glass is shocked and cracks as a result of a quick and dramatic shift in temperature. After that, it is reheated to smooth and reinforce it, leaving an erratic crackling line.


Each bottle is precisely masked, machined, etched, and painted to create an actual one-of-a-kind work of art. Lasers are a good alternative for glass work because of their speed and accuracy, which many people prefer over older methods. The surface of the glass is heated as the laser beam meets it, and tiny glass particles are blasted away. The image carved into the glass has no depth, simply a clear frosted appearance.


The true magic of spiciness happens in the kitchen. We are all familiar with dinner plates when it comes to tableware, but we frequently mismatch glasses with drinks.

However, this piece of knowledge contains everything that you need to discover about glasses and their applications. So, the next time you go shopping, keep in mind the type you will need for your next dinner party. Have fun shopping!

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